What Our Favorite '90s Toys Taught Us
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What Our Favorite '90s Toys Taught Us

Lessons we never realized we were taught.

What Our Favorite '90s Toys Taught Us

In today’s society it feels like we can’t go five minutes without someone talking about the '90s. Whether it was '90s cartoons, '90s clothing or simply talking about being from the 90’s, we can’t seem to step out of one decade and into another. Our minds are set on remembering our past, but is that such a bad thing? While you reminisce on the “good ol’ days”, you can think about what life lessons '90s toys really gave us.


For all those kids that wanted a pet, this was the toy for them! A little virtual blob pet that you could take care of and love. After forgetting about it for a day or two, you would come back to see either a dead pet, or a very sick, dirty, unhappy Tamagotchi. It helped teach us about responsibility and the work that went into caring for something. It also taught our parents that we were not ready to have that puppy we were asking for.

Bop It

Bop It was one of those toys that was timeless. So much so that they are still popular today. To be successful at the game you had to be ready to change directions in a moment; switching from "Bop It" to "Pull It" in a heartbeat! This is how we should look at the situations we face every day. We live in a world that’s constantly changing as science and technology move us towards the future. If you stay set on one way of living, you’re going to be left behind the same way you would if you only ever pressed "Twist It."

Moon Shoes

Despite these basically being exercise in disguise, Moon Shoes were a blast. Hopping and jumping around like you were defying gravity was an incredible feeling. While the increased height of your jump was always fun, the fall that came after was not quite as enjoyable. It helped teach you that sometimes life doesn’t always go your way. You’re going to fall down and possibly even get hurt. That shouldn’t stop you from having fun! Pick yourself back up and keep on bouncing!

Polly Pocket

These small dolls were more than a little annoying. The pieces got lost all the time, they were hard to dress, and it seemed as though there was always more to buy. Yet, while you struggled to make every article of clothing fit into the tiny carrying case, the toy was inspiring you. Polly Pockets allowed you to be creative and dress or play with them however you wanted. It taught us to be who we are and to express ourselves—a lesson that’s important no matter who you are.


Like Play-Doh but with micro-beads, this '90s toy was every kid’s dream. Letting the slimy mess squeeze through your fingers you were able to mold it like clay. It stained your fingers and didn’t come off your clothes, but was still a must have. It was a way to expand your creativity and let your imagination run wild. It allowed you the freedom to make whatever was in your head as well as reminding you that it wasn’t bad to get a little messy.

Skip It

Another form of hidden exercise, Skip Its were hours of fun. They were simple and time consuming; the best things to have in a toy! They also reminded us of an important lesson we would need later in life. Obstacles are always going to pop up in front of you. You can either let them stop you, or you can hop over them. Occasionally one might trip you up, or stop you. Just remember to get back up and keep going.

View Master

Basically "My First Camera," View Masters gave you scenes to look at and pretend you were the one shooting the picture. From sandy beaches to the rainforest, each click could take you to a different part of the world. Giving more inspiration than a lesson, these toys reminded us that there was more to life than our backyard, and we could all get there if we wanted to.

Hit Clips

If you don’t know what Hit Clips are, it’s probably because you had a full CD player. These small clips gave you 15-30 seconds of your favorite songs. While you had to repeat it over and over, and you only knew the chorus, 90’s kids everywhere thought they were the most incredible technology out there. They helped teach you that good things can come in small packages, as well as teaching your parents the art of patience.

Water Snakes

This simple toy could always light up your day! No one really knew what to do with it, and to this day it’s still uncertain. What we do know is that it could entertain you for hours, and watching the beads or small shapes wiggle was better than TV. As we struggled to keep the water snake from falling out of our hands or wiggling it’s way to the ground we were actually learning about the struggle of getting what you want. Not everything is going to come easily, and sometimes it’s going to slip from your fingers. Keep reaching for it, because in the end you’ll have hours of happiness.

Easy Bake Oven

If you ever had an Easy Bake Oven you know the frustration of waiting for your small cake or cookie to bake. It seemed as though you'd never get your treat as the small light bulb attempted to cook your food. The lesson behind this toy is quite simple: patience is a virtue. Despite your long wait nothing tasted quite as good as the satisfaction you got from holding the special treat you made all by yourself in your hands.


There isn’t much to be said about Furbies. What did they do? What can they teach us? Nothing. Nothing except that it’s understandable to be afraid of the weird noises coming from the toy box at night. These demonic creations have somehow continued to be popular despite their strange and twisted nature once their batteries start to wear out. You’ve been warned.

Whether you were a kid in the early '90s or the later years, you are sure to remember at least some of these popular toys. The next time you think about the wonderful years of childhood, or bring up the infamous decade, recall the lessons that each of these toys taught you, and go through life knowing that you are better off because of them.
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