School is picking up again and spring semester isn't easy. Well, none are, but we have no choice to get through the semester to get closer to our dream jobs. But in the meantime, when you need to take a break from studying and doing homework, there are tons of things to do, but here are some movies to help you calm down. Let the stress, depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, laughter, bored, confidence and many more emotions that simply cannot be explained. Whether you're at your highest emotion right now or your lowest emotion right now about your school work, your childhood movies will always make us feel better. Remembering our childhood reminds us of the times that we were so happy with no stress or anxiety, nothing but happy. Here's to being a child from the 90's:

1. Home Alone

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

3. The Lion King

5. The Parent Trap

6. Toy Story

7. A Goofy Movie

8. The Little Rascals

9. The Mighty Ducks

10. The Karate Kid

11. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

12. Doctor Dolittle

13. Spongebob Movie

14. Power Puff Girls