9 Products That'll Brighten Up Your Spring Makeup
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9 Products That'll Brighten Up Your Spring Makeup

Who couldn't use a few new products, and just in time for spring!

9 Products That'll Brighten Up Your Spring Makeup
Sarah Hall

New seasons bring new opportunities, weather, semesters, clothing options and of course, makeup trends. Altering your makeup for warmer days and adding in a few new tricks will help you keep your beauty routine fresh and effortless! Prepare for the spring and summer months by picking up these products the next time you're out and about!

1. Coral Lipstick

Spring and summer call for bolder and brighter lips! Orange can be too harsh for some, so try this lip color for a happy medium. Pair it with a peach and brown smoky eye and highlighted cheeks for a fresh summer look!

2. Glowy Highlighter

Summer is all about achieving that natural glow, and this palette will help you get there! Although on the pricey side, it's everyday use will stretch your dollars. Apply in a "c" shape right above your blush, on your chin and lightly on your forehead for the perfect glow.

3. Splashproof Mascara

The original "Better Than Sex" mascara by Too Faced creates eyelashes that are too thick to be real, and now you can bring them to the beach! The new waterproof formula (and cute packaging) will hold up and not give you a black eye if you decide to dip your face in the water!

4. Cooling Primer

This primer will prep your face for foundation by minimizing your pores and creating a smooth canvas. The bonus? It contains tea tree oil, which is good for breakouts and gives your face a tingling feeling that'll surely wake you up.

5. Bronzer

Forget major contouring! To keep your look simple yet sculpted, add a brush of bronzer on the temples of your forehead, blend, and your look is complete!

6. Green Concealer

No, I'm not suggesting you turn yourself into Shrek. Spotting red areas of your face with green will counteract the pigmentation and let you keep the foundation a little lighter for days you're in a rush to start your plans.

7. Bold Eyeliner

Add a pop of color to your eyes with the cool statement eyeliner! No eyeshadow is needed, and you can keep the rest of your look simple too! Just swipe this on your upper lash line for a quick, bold look. (Bonus points if you add a wing!)

8. Honey

OK, so maybe you can't wear this one out in public. Everyone is all about the glowy look in the sunny months of spring and summer (highlighter is on the list after all), but why not make your skin glow from within? Honey has healing properties that can help with pigmentation and acne and make your skin glow. Lather some on your face 30 minutes before a shower and then rinse it off to reveal healthy skin!

9. Effective Makeup Remover

After a long day at work or in the sun, the last thing you want to do is spend time removing your makeup. The Makeup Eraser makes it easy to do, and there are zero chemicals involved. Simply wet the cloth to remove even waterproof makeup from your face!

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