9 Passions I Re-kindled During Quarantine
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Student Life

9 Passions I Re-kindled During Quarantine

Being home for this period of time has forced me to find inspiration within myself.

9 Passions I Re-kindled During Quarantine
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A common trend that has sprung from self-isolation is people re-discovering their favorite hobbies as well as developing new ones. Aside from Instagram trends and TikTok dances, people have been getting in touch with their creative side in ways that they never had time to before we were forced to work from home. Although the first few weeks of quarantine were challenging, being uprooted from my normal routine and struggling to find the motivation to continue along my academic journey, I found pockets of creative entertainment along the way that slowly became the brightest parts of my day. These activities gave me the willpower to move forward with my academic and home responsibilities, without the fear and anxiety that had characterized the early days of this transition.

Writing Poetry


Emotionally charged news stories and headlines characterize quickly took a toll on my mental health while deadlines and assignments continued to pile on. Loneliness became the new norm, because despite doing our best to stay in touch, the pressures of family and home life coupled with heightened academic pressure made it hard to connect with friends. That's when I turned back to my love of writing poetry. These poems were just for me; I wasn't writing to impress or meet a deadline, so I felt a burden lifted and a sense of freedom came with writing to my heart's desire.


Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel from Pexels

Being home meant having access to a full size kitchen and a family to feed. I've always loved cooking, but I hated buying too many ingredients for creative recipes while in school for fear of wasting food. At home, there is no shortage of mouths to feed, and I am lucky to afford the groceries I need to experiment with my back log of saved recipe pins. I especially enjoyed trying out new vegan dishes and learning how to make some of my family's traditional meals.


Photo by Orest Sv from Pexels

As a former cross country runner, I used to run weekly races and train every day. While the days of rigorous running are behind me, I found joy in taking afternoon runs, although I'll never be as fast as I used to be. It felt especially freeing to be outside in the wonderful weather, and with fewer cars on the road, it was more peaceful than ever.


Photo by JTMultimidia from Pexels

I was never much of an artist, but much like other students, I did my fair share of doodling throughout middle school and high school. When cleaning out my childhood bedroom and drawers, I found some almost dried acrylic paint from some long-forgotten grade school project. After I conveniently located my sketchbook beneath another pile of miscellaneous art supplies, I took to mixing colors and painting the most basic idea I could think of. But somehow, the poorly painted sun and clouds over a too-blue horizon was just what I needed to feel a small yet satisfying sense of creative accomplishment.

Listening to Podcasts

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One of my favorite activities is listening to podcasts while I walk to class or do any light work. Without the need to travel anywhere and with heavy assignments piling up, I stopped listening to my favorite podcasts. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because rather than having to wait for new episodes to come out, I was lucky enough to have hours of content waiting for me when I finished my papers.



When academic journals and reading assignments take up the bulk of your time as a college student, it can be difficult to find time to read for pleasure. Being in quarantine has inspired me to MAKE time to read for pleasure. Whether that be a few minutes before bed or after getting fed up with physics homework, finding time to read a book I'm interested in reading without the pressure of a book report or test looming was refreshing.

Spending Time with Family

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

Being away for college truly made me realize how much I was missing out on at home. Though being around your family 24/7 can be draining for several reasons, I learned to enjoy the genuine moments we spent together not worrying about what the future holds, but rather appreciating the fact that we were together.



Nothing is more relaxing than sitting down to complete a giant puzzle. It doesn't matter what the final picture is; that final step of plugging in the final piece always fills you with a sense of accomplishment for the day. Doing puzzles was a great way to clear my mind, especially when responsibilities became overwhelming. It was the perfect way to get into a new head space that would allow me to tackle the day.

Re-discovering my Favorite Music

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitāns from Pexels

Nothing is more bittersweet than a nostalgic song that has you chasing the feeling you had when you first heard it. Listening to my old records and CD's has been a true trip down memory lane, as nothing can awaken a memory as vividly as an old beloved song can. Spending time re-discovering my favorite music both grounded me and allowed me to drift to a happier mindset.

As a quick disclaimer, I am by no means good at any of the activities I have decided to partake in during this extra time, but another thing I learned, is that you don't have to be good at something to enjoy it. Passion and joy are all you need to have a successful and fulfilling hobby.

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