9 Beauty and Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
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I Started Using Coconut Oil For These 9 Things And This Is What I Found Out

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular, and not only in the kitchen.

I Started Using Coconut Oil For These 9 Things And This Is What I Found Out
Christine O'Malley

Coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular, and not only in the kitchen. Before putting it on my face and body, I made sure to do a ton of research. Benefits that I saw numerous times were anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. Another recurring thing I saw was the statement that each person's skin is different. If you're trying to coconut oil on your skin for the first time, its best to use caution.

I first started using coconut oil in hopes that it would reduce my acne. I read that because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, many studies showed that it could help. I also read that Organic, unrefined oil is the best for the skin. I started by using it on my face after I took off my make up as sort of a night time lotion. As the weeks went on, I saw an improvement in my overall skin texture. My skin was soft and also helped the rosacea on my face. As the weeks went on, I decided to take my coconut oil journey to the next level and use it for many other things in my daily routine. Here are some of the things I tried, and what I found.

1. Makeup remover

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I know this sounds insane. I always believed that anything remotely oily on my face is bound to make me break out. But nope! It's also way cheaper than alternatives like makeup wipes. A jar of coconut oil lasts me for several months.

2. Body wash

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I use a regular body wash first, then the coconut oil after, right before I get out of the shower. This way I don't have to use lotion once I'm done. This has helped my eczema a TON. The bumps on my skin have noticeable reduced.

3. Substitute for coffee creamer

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Just a spoonful of coconut oil and you're set!

4. As chapstick

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Before I go to sleep, I just dab a little of the oil on my fingers and rub in.

5. As a hair serum

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During the winter, and even sometimes when I wash my hair more than once a day, my hair will get super staticy and dry. I just rub a little on my fingers and smooth it into my hair.

6. Substitute for butter

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The first time I tried this I was not the biggest fan, but the health benefits are hard to pass by and the taste grows on you!

7. Ingredient for smoothies

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1-2 spoonfuls will do the trick. I found that it improves the texture of the smoothie by making it much more smooth.

8. Treat sunburn

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The other week I had unbearable sunburn on my shoulders. I put extra coconut oil on my shoulders after my shower and it helped prevent peeling and sped up my skins recovery!

9. Acne treatment

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When I notice a pimple forming, I put a dab of coconut oil as well as a dab of tea tree oil on my fingertips, and leave the treatment overnight.

As you can probably tell, after experimenting with coconut oil, I am now a huge fan. It's natural and relatively inexpensive. There are probably a hundred different ones you can try, but the one I use is

Spectrum, unrefined coconut oil. I hope you found this article useful, and if you're going to try these using coconut oil yourself, good luck!
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