8 Ways to Stay Social With Grandparents While Social Distancing!
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8 Ways to Stay Social With Grandparents While Social Distancing!

How to stay in contact with our loved ones during this difficult time.

8 Ways to Stay Social With Grandparents While Social Distancing!

Corona Virus has had a serious impact on many aspects of our lives. When quarantine began, I, like many of my friends believed that this would be a quick blip in our normal lives. A week or two at home catching up on all of the tv shows I couldn't binge while I was balancing schoolwork, interning, and hanging out with my friends at school sounded like a good way to refresh from my hectic life. It has now become clear that the impacts of corona virus on how we socialize will last much longer than previously anticipated, especially with our grandparents. Here are just a few ideas on how to stay social in this socially distanced world with our grandparents.

1: Weekly Video Chats

If your grandparents are ahead of the curve with technology, set up a weekly zoom or FaceTime to touch base and share stories with one another about what you've been up to in Quarantine.

2: Watch a Movie Outdoors

Who said the movie theater had to be indoors! It is easy to purchase a projector and project a movie from Disney + or Netflix onto the side of the house! With the warm days bring your beach or folding chairs and sit six feet apart while eating personal bags of popcorn and enjoying a classic movie together!

3: Get Active

YouTube is a wonderful thing! Find a workout activity with an intensity level that allows all parties to participate. Set up your computer or phone to run the video and workout safely from a distance!

4: Start a Book Club

Pick a book to read and then schedule a time to call or video chat to discuss the book and choose the one you will be diving into next!!

5: Be a Helper!

Grocery shopping has become a real chore and even a little scary. Try to alleviate some of that stress by taking your grandparents grocery list and go shopping for them.

6: Enjoy a Socially Distanced Picnic

Pick up lunch from your favorite sandwich shop, after carefully wiping down the packaging enjoy lunch outside together from a safe distance.

7: Become Pen Pals

Who doesn't love opening up the mail? I know that's my favorite thing when the mail comes and something. Is addressed especially to me! Become pen pals with your grandparents and start writing to one another!

8: Play Bingo

Each person brings their own bingo sheet and markers and at a safe distance enjoy a game of bingo!

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