8 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Best Holiday
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8 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Best Holiday

Is there even a competition?

8 Reasons Why Halloween Is The Best Holiday

I know I am not the only one who get super excited when Fall comes around. The cooler, crisp air means Pumpkin spice lattes, hay rides, big comfy sweaters, and bonfires. I couldn't care less about that because there is one thing that makes me happy for Fall: Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween– my favorite holiday of the year. Growing up, my family never really did anything special for it besides trick-or-treating but we stopped that a long time ago. Recently, maybe two or three years ago I have found a love for Halloween that I have never expressed before. There is just something about it that makes me so happy. Here are eight reasons why I believe it is the best.

1. It is completely up to you to celebrate it.

A lot of people seem to disagree with the idea of Halloween and think that it is bad for children. Well, it is 100% up to you to celebrate it. If you want to sit at home and give out candy to kids dressed up like superheros or princesses then go right ahead. You have every right. You also have the right to stay snuggled up in bed that night and not participate in the festivities, it is all up to you.

2. You can dress up any way you want.

Whether you are young or old dressing up for Halloween is so much fun. There are endless options of what you can be. Your costume can be funny, sexy, appropriate, simple, extravagant– anything you want it to be. There are so many pop-up Halloween stores that normally open up around the end of September/beginning of October. So, ladies, get those sexy Harambe costumes before they sell out!

3. Scary movies/kid friendly movies

Even though I love Halloween, I hate scary movies. For you horror freaks out there that actually enjoy getting scared, this is the best time of year for you. You have all the classics that come on like It, Halloween, Jeepers Creepers, Nightmare on Elm Street and other pee-your-pants favorites. If you are like me though, there are many kid friendly movies that really put you in the Halloween spirit. Casper The Friendly Ghost, Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, and my favorite movie of all time, no matter what day or season, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

4. Overconsumption of candy

Would it even be Halloween without butt loads of candy? You can get your favorites like Hershey's, Kit Kats, Reeses, or just about anything chocolatey. Or you can get the gummy eyeballs and other body parts that are just made for Halloween. Going with the classic candy corn is never a bad idea. What makes this great is the after Halloween sales where you can get candy for super cheap. You have to get there fast though, because all the good candy will be gone before you know it.

5. Decorating

Break out those skeletons and plastic ghosts because it is time to decorate. Decorating for Halloween can range from being super scary to something that's simple and childlike. To me, decorating for Halloween is just as important as decorating for Christmas. You have so many people walking around and looking at your home and it should be appealing to the eyes. The scarier it is, the better it looks!

6. Pumpkins

You can paint them, carve them, eat them and have drinks that taste like them. Pumpkins are an essential for Halloween and just about any Fall day. It is always fun to get some friends together and see who can make the cutest pumpkin ever.

7. Haunted Houses

If you are too old to go trick-or-treating but still are in the Halloween spirit one of the best ways to celebrate is to go to a haunted house. If you are more like me and get easily scared then there are haunted trails that normally aren't that scary, but still satisfy the need to be scared. There also are those extremely terrifying haunted houses where you have to sign a waiver to not sue if you have a heart attack, that's inane.

8. Parties

There are the Halloween Parties fit for any age. Family and friends can get together to eat, drink, and have a good time! Play some good Halloween music like "Thriller" and the "Monster Mash" while you're eating some tasty Halloween snacks. Be sure that if you do drink that you are responsible and do not drive home! Halloween is a fun night, but having too much fun can result very badly.

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