8 Places To Visit In New Jersey This Summer

8 Places To Visit In New Jersey This Summer

New Jersey is full of hidden natural beauty and so many underrated attractions.

New Jersey is often referred to as "the armpit of America," however I disagree. I say this not just because I am a New Jersey resident myself, I say this because New Jersey has so many amazing places to visit that most people - even New Jersey residents themselves - don't even know exist! If you are looking for anything to do this summer, here are eight different places to visit in the Garden State!

1. The Shore

New Jersey is known for its 130 miles of beautiful coastline that spans from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Some of the more popular shore towns and beaches include Seaside, LBI, Ocean City, and Wildwood. My favorite beach though is Island Beach State Park because it is a preserved section of the barrier island that protects the natural shoreline and its habitats. The park has about 10 miles of sandy beaches but also a shoreline along Barnegat Bay.

2. Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture is a sculpture park and museum that spans 42-acres in Hamilton and is on the former site of the New Jersey State Fairgrounds. Visitors can enjoy over 270 sculptures made by both well-known and rising contemporary artists.

3. Absecon Lighthouse

The Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City is one of the oldest in the country and the country’s third tallest lighthouse. It is over 160 years old and offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic City skyline if you are willing to climb the 228 steps to reach the top!

4. Cape May County Park and Zoo

This park in Cape May offers a wildlife preserve, a wildlife sanctuary, a recreational area, and a forested 200-acre park that includes the zoo. Admission is completely free for the park and zoo. The zoo contains over 550 animals including many rare and endangered species.

5. Highlands Natural Swimming Pool

This is a hidden gem located in Ringwood features an Olympic-sized freshwater swimming pool that was carved out of a hillside in 1935 and is fed by a mountain stream. Aside from swimming, you can hike many trails throughout the Norvin Green State Forest for some added fun!

6. Old Barracks Museum

This museum has a unique history dating back to the 1700’s during the French and Indian War. The Old Barracks Museum is located in Trenton and is the only remaining colonial barracks in New Jersey.

7. Delaware River Tubing

While there are many places that offer to tube down the Delaware River, Delaware River Tubing located in Milford is one of the best! Not only is this inexpensive but is fun and relaxing. You can also stop and eat lunch during your trip at their famous hot dog stand!

8. Adventure Aquarium

Located in Camden, Adventure Aquarium is the only aquarium in the world where you can see hippos and the only aquarium in the country that features one of the largest and rarest sharks, the hammerhead.

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During all of this people have asked me "Aren't you too old for Disney?" "Doesn't it ever get old going to Disney all the time?" The answer to these questions is no. You are never too old for Disney. Even though I now know that the princesses are just actresses and the characters are just people in costumes, the magic never went away.

Every time I have gone to Disney has been different and magical in its own way. Yes, there is a lot to do with little kids but there is so much more to do as you get older. You can go on all the rides because you are tall enough. Meeting the characters is still just as much fun as when you were younger. You get to watch the all the little kids around you enjoy the Disney magic.

Once you are 21 you can drink around the world. Plus Disney never stops improving or growing so every time you go there is so much more to do. Besides Disney World, the cruises are amazing for people of all ages. There are different clubs for the different age groups and there are so many activities for everyone to do.

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8 Reasons You're Wrong If You Think The West Coast Is Better Than The East Coast

No question about it.

There has always been a long-standing debate about which side of the United States is 'better' than the other. Because saying that one place is better than the other is a subjective judgment, it's very hard to pinpoint the actual answer as to which is truly the superior place to live. But in my opinion, as biased as it may be, the East Coast is definitely the better of the two, for the following reasons.

1. The District of Columbia

Say what you want, but the location of a nation's capital seems fairly important. No place on the East Coast is more than 18 hours from the symbolic center of our country.

2. A variety of landscapes

The East Coast has every type of vacation spot you could possibly imagine. We've got big cities, mountain ranges, tourist beaches, snow slopes, farmland and even tropical areas down in the Keys. You've got a ton of choice in what type of vacation you'd like to take and you don't have to travel halfway across the country to find it!

3. Four *real* seasons

When you live on the East Coast, you can almost always expect to get tan in the summer and get hit by a snowball in the winter. But neither of them is so extreme that it's unbearable or uncomfortable. Of course, it gets warmer as you go further south and snow is more common in the north, but even Florida got snow in 2017.

4. No forest fires

In the past few years, the droughts on the West Coast have burdened them with extremely dangerous fires. While they are of course necessary in certain ecosystems, it's not fun when you've got a massive fire knocking at your back door.

5. Monumental monuments

The east coast is home to an innumerable amount of national monuments. Our nation was founded on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and therefore, the majority of our historic monuments and historic events were located here until civilization started to move west around the 1630s.

6. Amazing schools

While you have a few major colleges along the West Coast, CalTech, Stanford, UC (all six campuses), USC, and University of Washington, we have Harvard, MIT, Boston College, UPenn, Yale, Princeton, and SO many more. It's not hard to argue that the East Coast just has so much more to offer when it comes to university/collegiate education.

7. Little to no earthquakes

Earthquakes are an extreme rarity in the east and when they do occur, the most we get is a tremor. I'm sorry but the ground beneath you shaking does not sound like a fun time especially when it can cause significant damage and threaten lives. If that happened in my hometown more often than the Olympics, I would be packing my bags.

8. The best food EVER

Here we have a killer food selection at just about every interstate exit. We're the home of Chickfila, Dunkin Donuts, Zaxby's, Krispy Kreme, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Hooters, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Cracker Barrel, and Waffle House. Oh, and did I mention that all of those places were founded AND headquartered on the East Coast?

That certainly isn't the only eight reasons why the East Coast rocks, it's only scratching the surface. Of course, the West Coast does have its perks. But the East Coast is just better, no question about it.

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Cover Image Credit: @space.garbage99

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