8 Obscure Things To Do In Venice
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8 Obscure Things To Do In Venice

The most memorable adventure is the one off the beaten path.

8 Obscure Things  To Do In Venice
Marisa Paglino

Venice, Italy is well known for its three C's: canals, cuisine and culture. But, when experienced and documented through the life of a college student, it becomes a completely different city than the one described on the TripAdvisor website. Coming from a person who rarely takes things seriously, here is my list of top things to do while in Venice.

1. Play a game of Four Corners in San Marco

Piazza San Marco is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy and even the world. You can see photographs of the piazza and the basilica used across all media platforms, so naturally, it is a perfect opportunity to play the most memorable game of Four Corners of your life. Just make sure not to get attacked by any pigeons while running full speed through the piazza.

2. Take a gondola across the canal because you are late

There are only a few bridges in the city that cross one side of the grand canal to the other. When you are running late and are nowhere close to any of those bridges, for £0.70, a nice gondolier man will be able to take you across the canal. Get the gondola experience, don't break your bank account and still make it to class on time.

3. Eat a gelato (or three) every day

There are so many different and obscure flavors of gelato in the city, so it is not hard to try a different flavor each time. Pro tip: Do not pay any more than £1.50 for a scoop of gelato. The only gelato place where this is acceptable is Suso, but if it's not Suso, hold out for a cheaper price.

4. Wander around in the rain at night

Venice at night is a completely different city than it is during the day. Contrary to popular belief, when it is raining and dark is the best time to wander around until you get lost. You will discover a totally different city.

5. Play soccer in the park with the local tweens

They will might insult you in Italian, so I recommend knowing some of the basics of Italian before doing this. But if you know Italian, plot twist, the joke is on them.

6. Eat a bunch of random groceries on a bench

Instead of spending £7 for a pizza, just go to your local Coop and pick up some bread, cheese, tomatoes and prosciutto and have a mini picnic on a bench. The most cost efficient and tasty way to eat lunch in Venice. Anything can be made into a sandwich.

7. Visit the most beautiful bookshop in the world

It is called Liberia Acqua Alta. There are Books. Everywhere. Imagine the largest number of books you have ever seen in one room, and then quadruple it. No amount of words will be able to describe how amazing this place is, but it is a must go to. You will not regret it.

8. Eat everything

There are so many different types of cuisine in the city. From Greek to Chinese, you can find almost everything. While it might seem a little weird to eat sushi in Italy, you have to try it at least once. Also, the weirdest looking dishes usually end up tasting the best.

Venice, Italy is a city unlike any other, but the only way to really experience its full beauty is to go off the beaten path. Seeing all the most famous parts of the city are obviously a must, but the most memorable experiences are the ones you make on your own. If you ever end up traveling to Venice, be your own TripAdvisor, and go find your own city.

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