8 Things We Loved In Middle School
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8 Things We Loved In Middle School

Take a break from studying and let's reminisce.

8 Things We Loved In Middle School

As we are studying for midterms lets take a nice break to reminisce our middle school days. Don't we all wish we were at recess right now with our snackables (ugh, the brownie one was the best)? What about running home to watch Drake and Josh before your mom yelled at you to start your homework (which probably took an hour…those were the days)? I present to you 8 things we loved in middle school (for inspiration play this song).

1. The excitement of decorating your locker:

The only fun part of getting your school supplies was getting decorations for your locker. Remember those squishy things that would stick to your locker? They would come in a package with an apple, a heart, and other random fruits. There was also the privilege of decorating your best friends locker on her birthday, going into school early so you can wrap her locker up. Nothing was better than when yours was wrapped.

2. Seeing your crush in the hallway:

You have five minutes… five minutes to get to class aka four minutes to find your crush…maybe even talk to him if you're feeling it that day. But you will usually just end up watching his every move from afar and probably talking to his friend just to get closer to your crush (that was always my go-to move).


The days without an iPhone, ugh I miss them. Remember the days when the newest phone would come out and it was all you and your friends would talk about? It was on your Christmas list, birthday list, or whatever list you might have had at 13. This was the age you and your friends all had phones… and the age where you guys would hangout and text boys. You would literally sit in a circle and read every text to your friends… remember there are only 7 pages. Nothing was more exciting than seeing a text that said (1out of 5.) The best was when you had a boyfriend so you made his name your texting signature.


Tom, our first friend!! I'll never forget the frustration of organizing your top friends - I mean it was a crucial concept. My favorite part ever was changing my song, I still hear songs today and think, 'wow this would be my Myspace song.' Boys would post on your wall 'you're cute :P' and there would be fights on your default picture… it was legendary. The best part was that basically everyone wasn't allowed to have one, so you would have to sneak to log on. Score if your friends parents approved of Myspace so you can go to their house and sit on their computer for hours.

5. Juicy Couture

Unfortunately, there are people who are still trying to make this a thing. Getting a matching Juicy Couture sweatsuit with your BFF was the squad goal. Anything Juicy - bags, keychains, earrings, etc. - was on your Christmas list. Don't forget about your Uggs to complete your outfit.

6. Braces

I'm sorry about this. The only good part was everyone looked as ugly as you except for that one girl with the perfect teeth, ugh. At least you could pick what colors you wanted! The best part of a young teen's life: getting your braces off before 8th-grade graduation.

7. Degrassi

Our young version of Shameless; they both make you think WTF and question everything you thought you knew about humanity. Degrassi was a show about middle school to high school kids who had every problem in the world or had every bad thing happen to them. You seriously would never want to go to this school… nothing good ever happens there! But it was still awesome and Drake was in it. Your parents probably told you not to watch this but of course you did.

8. Zoey 101

The theme song still gives me the chills! All we wanted to do was go to boarding school like these guys, and now we basically are except it's college and not as colorful.

And let's not forget about these guys:

Hope this made your studying less miserable. PS. they still play re-runs on TeenNick.

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