7 Things for 17 year-olds

You know what was tough? Being seventeen. Actually, from the ages of twelve through nineteen were a mess. I now always think that I want to be a person that seventeen-year-old me would be proud of. I strive to be studious and still fun! I'm developing my work ethic, while also learning to give into my adventurous side. Looking back, I really wish I could tell myself a few things, just to make it easier to get through. I would tell myself the following:

Dear seventeen-year-old me,

  1. Spend more time doing what you want- it feels like sometimes you let everyone tell you what to do, want to do it, and how to do it. Well, stop, if you don't want to do something don't. If you're dying to do something do it! Even if it means doing it by yourself.
  2. Love yourself- you are an intelligent, beautiful creation. Don't sell yourself short, don't be afraid of being yourself. What a great, beautiful soul. Sure, sometimes you say things that are much funnier in your head, and there are moments when you go laugh a little too loudly, but these little quirks are what make you, you. Love what you look like, you're human and imperfect and that is perfect in its own way. Life goes on, things change, and through it all, you will always have yourself, so you better start loving yourself more.
  3. They will stick around- the people that are meant to be in your life will be in it. Even if you drifted away from some friends at one point if they're really meant to be they will.
  4. Stop with the stress- you're just a kid expected to act like an adult. It's an unfair situation at a difficult time, it's OK that you don't know what to do you'll figure it out along the way.
  5. Believe in yourself- you can do amazing things when you set your mind to it. You are powerful and capable, just do it. Live your life, love it as it is, and always try to improve it. Especially if it means challenging yourself.
  6. I support all of your decisions- yes future me supports all of your decisions. I support the terrible ones, the crazy ones, the future-oriented ones, and all of the ones that come with them. No matter the consequences that's what helped me grow into the person I am today. Sure, there are a few things that we could've gone without, but those are probably the ones that made me grow the most.
  7. I love you- I know that you're loud and strangely quiet at the same time. I know that you're scared of what the future holds because you can't control it. I know that it's been difficult but you've made it this far and I strongly believe that we will make it so much further.

Being seventeen is hard. It is right before you are legally considered an adult, but society still treats you like a kid. It is frustrating, terrifying, and absolutely amazing. But you know what? that is life all around. Every day, every year, you will be challenged. You will find a new obstacle around every corner, and you will find a way around them. You will survive, and you will thrive. Just keep pushing forward.

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