7 Things To Buy Before Going To College
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7 Things To Buy Before Going To College

Some essentials for the upcoming school year

7 Things To Buy Before Going To College

It seems like every time I walk into a store I'm bombarded with back to school advertisements and back to school sales. As excited as I am to be going back to school, I still want to enjoy my summer. Here are some things I found essential during my freshman year of college.

1. L.L. Bean Boots

These are a MUST have for anyone going to college in New England. Not only are they super popular but they are great for all kinds of weather. They keep your feet both warm and dry without the bulk of the snow boots you had when you were a kid.

2. A vest

Vests are another essential that you will wear multiple times in college. Going from building to building all day often means dealing with different climates. Some lecture halls may be a sauna, while your chem lab is an ice box. Vests are an easy and cute way to layer and can be worn so many different ways.

3. An ottoman

These have so many uses. From storage, to an extra seat, to a way to get up to your lofted bed these are a must have for dorms. They are also pretty compact so they won't take up a lot of valueable floor space.

4. A good pair of head phones

For most people this is their first experience in a dorm. Living with so many other people can be great at times, but it can be difficult to find some quiet time when you just need to take a break. Having a pair of noise cancelling headphones are great for the gym, studying, and when you just don't want to hear the people living on the other side of your wall.

5. A card holder for your phone

Sometimes carrying a wallet isn't practical. It's handy to have a little pocket on the back of your phone to stash your ID, debit card, and some cash if you're running out for breakfast before class or going out one night.

6. A nice cross-body purse

Other nights when you go out you might want to have a little more with you. A nice cross-body bag can make it easy to go out without worrying about holding onto a bag or loosing it.

7. A rain jacket and umbrella

Walking to class in the rain is not fun, but having a cute rain jacket can make it a little more bearable. Adding your monogram is a fun way to make it unique Keeping yourself and your stuff dry on a rainy day can be a difficult task. Some outdoor companies even make little "rain jackets" for your backpack that repel water so your laptop and other essentials don't get soaked.

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