Things to ask yourself before dating someone

Dating in 2019 is much more different than dating before. These days, people don't even date based on love. Some people do not even know what love is. Others have never even had the experience of dating someone. Whatever the case may be, it is possible for you to find love. There is someone out there for everyone.

Make sure you actually get to know someone before you date them. That is the problem these days. People jump into relationships way too quickly and then wonder where it goes wrong. This is how it goes these days. You meet someone and find them attractive. You begin to think you like them. You start stalking to them for a while. A couple of days, weeks, months even. Neither of you ever really pops the question of, "will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?". Then one of you loses interest and you just disappear.

Dating someone can actually be such a beautiful experience, if you really want it. I don't know about you guys, but when I want to date someone, it is because I believe that something is there. I want a serious relationship, not just a fling or some casual hook-ups.

So if you're really thinking about dating someone, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you really like them?

Sometimes, you probably do not even like someone. You just believe you do, maybe because people tell you that you look great together. Take a moment and really think about your feelings.

2. Do you see a future with them?

Do you want a serious relationship? Or do you want to waste your time?

3. Do you believe in them?

Do you trust that person to really be faithful and not break your heart? Discussions are normal in a relationship, but cheating is not!

4. What were their past relationships like?

Yes I know, you shouldn't judge someone based on their past, but some people DO NOT change. Better to save yourself the heartbreak. I am not saying judge them, I am saying, talk about it.

5. What are their favorite Netflix shows?

You can't be dating someone with bad taste in shows. RED FLAG NUMBER 1.

6. What are their goals/dreams?

Look, you should be with someone who wants the best for you. Someone who motivates you to be the best you that you can be. Someone who is looking to improve themselves just as you are.

7. Do they have an android or an iPhone?

You gotta make sure they pray for the right team? We ain't doing this in 2019 y'all!

So basically, really think about it before you show them off to your friends/family. Because once you go down that road, they will ask about them for the rest of eternity!

Happy Dating!

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