So in the past week, I've decided to get rid of a lot of my clutter on my phone because it was driving me crazy. I decided to go minimalist for a week on my iPhone- and I like my phone a lot more now so I think I'll stick with this plan. It's almost like I have that brand new phone feeling all over again. Here are 7 tips I'm doing right now:

1. Delete all of your old contacts of people you haven't talked to in a few months

Some people may disagree with me in this, but I feel like in college you meet all types of people. Like if you're working on a group assignment and there's four of you, chances are that you'll never talk to those people again after that class is over. Or at least that's how it is for me.

2. Organize your phone by using folders

I recently organized my entire phone. Before I just kind of had my apps all over the place but now I have different folders for entertainment apps, social media apps, school apps, and the extra apps that I don't use. And honestly, this has helped me a lot and stay more focused. By creating folders, you realize what apps you use and what apps you don't, so time to start deleting a few.

3. Delete old messages that you haven't looked at in a while

In case you didn't know it's a setting in your phone that keeps old messages for up to a year. You can change this by going to settings> messages> keep messages> and then you can change the option from forever, one year or thirty days. And this helps save storage space on your phone.

4. Go through your pictures

I'm the type of person that when I see a good quote or maybe a good book that I want to read in the future I just take a screenshot of it and I'll check it out later. However, the chances of me actually doing that are pretty slim because I'm forgetful. So I had more screenshots than actual pictures. Take a day or maybe whenever you have time and just go through some of your pictures on your phone. Want to keep it? Cool. Want to keep it but you don't have to have it on your phone? Put it on an external hard drive. Don't want it anymore? Delete it.

5. Change your wallpaper

I've noticed that this makes all the difference. This is the wallpaper I have on my phone right now and I love it. I don't like staring at the same thing for weeks or for months. You gotta change it up sometimes ya know? I usually have a cute quote on my lock screen but not on my home screen. The lock screen on my phone right now is a link pink and it says "always be kind." I use Pinterest to find cute wallpapers and I always have the best luck with it.

6. Turn off all the unnecessary notifications 

You can change your notifications in the settings for each individual app. So normally you can get notifications on your lock screen, banners (the drop-down notifications you get when you're on your phone) and through the notification center (scroll down when you're on the home screen.) Keep the important notifications on like email, texts, calendar or whatever else you need and just turn off all the rest. I like my phone so much more now that it's not so cluttered.

7. Edit your widgets

If you have like 10+ widgets it can look a little messy. You can organize this better by opening your phone to the home screen and then swiping right (technically to the left because technology) and then scroll down and tap the edit button. Get rid of what you don't look at every day and add the important things that you check a lot like the weather, calendar, etc. I have a widget for Canvas and when I look at it through my widget it automatically tells me my current grades for all of my classes without actually going into the app. This is an awesome tool to use!