7 Items You Won't Think To Bring To College

Packing for college can be very stressful. There's always something you're forgetting or something you're bringing to much of (aka clothes/shoes). So, in order to help you out with your ever growing packing list (and I suggest making a physical list that you can add to and check off items), I have compiled a list of seven items that you may not have thought of yet.

1. Sewing Kit

Yes. This applies to everyone. You don't know when you may receive a tear in your favorite shirt or pants that needs to be mended asap. I found myself sewing a lot of clothing items (and even my butterfly chair (that does not look like a butterfly)) over my past two years of college living. A needle and thread is always a good idea.

2. Utensils, Plates, and Bowls

You may have a nice meal plan for your campus dining hall(s) but there is no way that you are always going to want to go out and walk to get your meals, especially when the weather is being unfriendly. Having utensils, plates, and bowls will make those nights you chose to stay in so much easier and cleaner. It's up to you whether you want to get plastic/paper vs the real deal. All depends on whether you will actually wash your dishes.

3. HDMI Cord

An HDMI Cord (and possibly a mini/micro cord converter) are a good idea if you want to watch Netflix or any other streaming service with your friends. It is a pain to all have to crowd around a tiny laptop just to watch "John Mulaney: The Comback Kid". If you bring this cord, you can connect your laptop, sit back and relax.

4. Mattress Pad

The mattress that are provided by your dorms are uncomfortable. Period. In my experience, the mattresses were less mattress and more springs so bringing a mattress pad is a good idea if you want to get any sleep.

5. Robe/ Sufficient Towel

You do not want to have to change in those tiny coffins they call showers so bringing a robe or towel wrap or even just a nice towel that you can't walk back to your room in without feeling like you are exposing yourself to the world will be a nice item to have.

6. Fan

Your room may be air conditioned but there is no guarantee that that air will continue to work in your favor. This last year my air conditioning broke five times and I was very happy to have my tiny pink fan sitting by my bed.

7. Glue Gun

I'm not kidding. Do you know how many times friends knocked on my door looking for my legendary glue gun? Enough that I knew it was a good idea to bring it. It helped me mend so many random things and if I wasn't addicted to my glue gun before college, I definitely am now.

I hope I granted you all, new and current college students included, some helpful ideas that will make college life a lot more convenient. All of these items should be easy to get if you don't already own, They should be available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.com.

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