7 Things About The Big Apple That New Yorker's Know To Be True
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7 Things About The Big Apple That New Yorker's Know To Be True

It's a love hate relationship

7 Things About The Big Apple That New Yorker's Know To Be True
Photo by Aaron Burson on Unsplash

Moving to New York City came with some interesting adventures and challenges. Everyone always says, "There's no place like New York City", but it wasn't until I started living here that I felt the truth behind this statement. Here are some intrinsic characteristics of the Big Apple, that you'll feel on a spiritual level if you call the concrete jungle home.

1. It's not really every man for himself all the time.

People here are actually capable of being really helpful. (I've been lost in the subway enough times to know.) Everyone who lives here, at some point, had to learn how to navigate the city on their own and can remember what it feels like to have somehow ended up in Harlem when you were just trying to get to Central Park. Not a fun feeling. More people than you think are willing to help others not feel like a kid who just lost their mom in the grocery store except you're an adult and the grocery store is actually Times Square with like 6 billion people packed in the span of maybe two blocks :)))

2. Lol what is fresh air

Yeah. with steam coming up to the street from subway grates every five steps and essentially nowhere except LINING THE STREETS to put the COPIOUS amounts of trash on trash day, fresh air and I mean real fresh air, is a hot commodity with a low supply. Granted, coming from where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, I'm a little spoiled, but still. I literally saw a man urinate on the side of a building the other day, and that, my friends, is why this city constantly smells like a teeming pile of garbage. Fortunately (unfortunately??) you get used to it.

3. MTA needs to be shut down but also I can't afford a car/parking/gas/

Do the trains run on a reliable schedule every day? No. Are they clean? Also no. But are they somewhat efficient and relatively cheap? Yes, and for those reasons alone, I'm here for the subway.


Vendors line Canal with knock-off versions of Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Versace, YOU NAME IT. And they will CHASE YOU DOWN until you either buy a fake handbag or outrun them. If you head toward Canal, you better be in the mood for some cardio. Whatever, you're almost in Chinatown anyway. If you have to go for a light sprint, reward yourself with some dumplings in a couple blocks and call it a day.

5. Also, Times Square is low key a nightmare

It's literally the most touristy place you can go in NYC and while the lights are enchanting and the shopping is relatively cheap, ask yourself, "is this actually worth risking my life and/or sanity?". If you do decide to go, you are not allowed to hold hands with ANYONE under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I literally don't care if this is your 50th wedding anniversary. People. When you link yourselves together, you make it way more difficult to get around you and get to wherever we're trying to go. Stick together by keeping a close eye on each other and if you get separated, well, then I'm sorry. You'll see each other in heaven.

6. It doesn't matter how many times you go to Central Park, it NEVER GETS OLD or less beautiful.

^^^ Me @ Central Park. The park is MASSIVE so you never run out of cool and different spots to go see. Also, there never fails to be an abundance of dogs there and WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD DOGGO. Case closed.

7. The energy is a culture of its own.

Who needs caffeine when you live in this city?? The energy here bounces off of everyone and everything and this city is PRESSED for space, so you can imagine the vibrancy in the air.

Blair Waldorf said it best, "Manhattan will do that to a girl. You'll be happy to know, the wonder never wears off."

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