7 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Brighter Feed
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7 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Brighter Feed

Kick back, relax, and scroll.

7 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Brighter Feed

Recently, it's been too easy to feel overwhelmed by the headlines that flood our timeline. It seems like 2020 has officially decided to be the worst! Thankfully, in the midst of my scrolling, I've been able to discover a few gems that have definitely contributed to a brighter feed and have managed to keep my hope in humanity alive through all of this. Here are 7 accounts that never fail to make me smile, feel inspired, or encourage me to create some uplifting social media content of my own.

1. Tabitha Brown: @iamtabithabrown

Sooo I'll probably never be remotely close to vegan, but that doesn't mean I'll ever stop watching Tabitha Brown. This vegan foodie knows how to cook healthy food that's ACTUALLY good and she does it with a smile every time. Her recipes are easy, fun to follow, and budget friendly. Even if you have no interest in vegan food, her videos are sure to send you all the positive vibes and encouragement you need for the day.

2. Samantha Rothenburg: @violetclair

Samantha Rothenberg KILLS the comic game. Her witty illustrations are creative, brutally honest, and sometimes so spot on I can't help but wonder how she knows me so well. She even creates drawings from time to time based off story submissions from her followers.... just the coolest.

3. Murad Osmann: @muradosmann

Remember all those pictures we used to see on Instagram of the woman leading the photographer around the world like the one above? Murad Osmann gained a following by starting this trend with his now wife and has since then influenced creators all over the Internet. The views are just too good to miss and have definitely contributed greatly to my traveling bucket list.

4. Leslie Jordan: @thelesliejordan

Imagine your sweet grandpa on Instagram, but sassy and always ready to share the newest gossip. That's Leslie Jordan for you. Leslie is known for a few roles in television shows like AHS and Will and Grace, but caught my attention through his videos documenting the many struggles of quarantine. Not only is he hilarious, but also compassionate and an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Leslie... we love you.

5. Humans of New York: @humansofny

Somehow, Humans of New York makes a city bustling with people seem a lot more connected than it appears. Each post features a different NYC resident and a story from their life that illustrates how complex and intricately woven we are. This account affirms the belief that strangers aren't really strangers at the end of the day. Yes their posts are long, but worth the read.

6. Tyler Knott Gregson: @tylerknott

ALL MY POETRY LOVERS. This is for you. Tyler Knott and his wife are traveling wedding photographers, poets, and quite frankly the sweetest couple I have ever seen. Tyler writes about his wife, his past, and the nature around him that keeps him creating and growing as an artist. If you want inspiration for your own writing or just to be blown away one day by some pure talent, I highly recommend taking a peek at his page.

7. Doug the Pug: @itsdougthepug

It was hard to choose just one dog account to showcase, but I think Doug deserves it. I mean, how could you say no to this face? He also sells Doug the Pug masks to keep you safe from the coronavirus. If that doesn't make him a good boy, I don't know what does.

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