67 Reasons To Love Fall
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67 Reasons To Love Fall

With the smell of fresh, crisp air and the crunch of orange and yellow leaves, everyone knows what season it is.

67 Reasons To Love Fall
Abby Vance

Attention all bloggers.

I have a very important announcement to make:


With the smell of fresh, crisp air and the crunch of orange and yellow leaves, everyone knows what season it is. Fall is perhaps my most favorite season of them all: It's not too hot and not too cold--it's just right. For all of my fellow fall/autumn lovers out there, this article is for you. Here is a list of the many, many reasons I love fall.


2. Blue jeans and booties.

3. Long-sleeve shirts and shorts.

4. Crisp air.

5. Crunchy leaves.

6. Leaves changing colors.

7. Red, orange, and yellow trees.

8. Going on long, cool walks.

9. Hot apple cider that will scorch your tongue.

10. Hot chocolate with marshmallows that will also scorch your tongue because you are too impatient for it to cool off because #priorities.

11. Daylight Savings Ends=Extra hour of sleep and extra darkness. Thank you, darkness, for making me feel like I need to go to bed at 5 p.m. when it's pitch black outside.

12. Pumpkin carvings.

13. Corn mazes.

14. Bon fires.

15. Hayrides.

16. Pumpkin patches.

17. Halloween and CANDY.

18. Halloween costumes.


20. Haunted houses.

21. Scary movies.

22. The rave for "summer bod's" ends.

23. Yoga pants. Every. single. day.

24. Seasonal coffee creamers. I'm ready for you Peppermint Mocha.

25. PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. From Pumpkin Spice Latte's to Pumpkin Spice Doritos, we've got all your "basic" needs.

26. Fall decor.

27. Thanksgiving: The day to be thankful for turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, rolls, apple dumplin's, pumpkin pie, homemade ice-cream, and family.

28. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

29. Putting up your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Or two weeks before if you live at my house.

30. Cooler house.

31. Better sleep.

32. Football.


34. Time to be with family.

35. The seasonal cold. Runny nose, itchy eyes and throat, and lovely cough...can't get any more fall-ish than that.

36. Picking apples.

37. Wearing your favorite scarf.

38. Bundling up under your fluffy blanket by your fire and watching your favorite Lifetime movies.

39. Cuddling.

40. Sleeping with 827407 layers. And still being cold.

41. Kicking and stepping on the fallen leaves.

42. Being thankful.

43. Cozy socks.

44. Yummy smelling candles burning.

45. The golden sun and the full moon.

46. Boots.

47. Running in the cold. Nothing says "Good Morning" quite like cold air and the wind beating in your face.

48. Scarecrows.

49. Rainy days filled with baking comfort foods.

50. Baking cookies.

51. The smell of cinnamon.

52. Flushed cheeks.

53. Wearing gloves.

54. Wearing big, huge jackets.

55. Sweatpants.

56. Foggy mornings.


58. Chimney smoke. If that's even still a thing now.

59. Seeing your breath outside when you talk.

60. The first frostbite.

61. Getting ready for Christmas.

62. Leggings and oversized shirts.

63. Hallmark movies.

64. Starting each morning with a hot cup of coffee. As if hot weather stops me.

65. My daddy's homemade stew.

66. Candy corn and peanuts and M&M's.

67. Literally everything.

As you all can tell, fall is my favorite. I absolutely LOVE waking up every morning to cool air beating in my face and a hot cup of coffee in my hand. New seasons bring changes, opportunities, and memories, so bring on this new season!!!

"To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." -Ecclesiastes 3:1

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