60 Thoughts I Had Watching 'Shameless' Season Six
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60 Thoughts I Had Watching 'Shameless' Season Six

After the panic attack that was season five, season six was a long slow exhale.

60 Thoughts I Had Watching 'Shameless' Season Six

After so much intensity and darkness that is "Shameless", season six took on lighter tones. We got a lot of comedy back and lots of storylines for fun and that were lighthearted. Of course, there was still very low downs, but overall the season felt pretty light. It was almost like a long, slow exhale after having a panic attack that was season five.

The second half of the season definitely was stronger. Though overall the pacing was slow, it did allow us to focus in more on the Gallaghers, our original focus. Over the years, we've gotten to meet lots of new characters and the show almost got more interested in them than our beloved Gallaghers (I'm looking at you Milkovichs). So while it was a jolt to have Mickey, Sammi, or even Monica to deal with this season, it was kind of nice to have it be primarily about the Gallaghers. So if you're even more curious about this season, check out my thoughts below:

1. Okay, I really do feel bad for Frank losing Bianca because he was finally a decent person and happy, but this lamenting is pretty hilarious.

2. Finally, Carl is back. And is he changed by prison for the better? Of course not.

3. I don’t have time for Debbie and her new 'tude that has only gotten worse since last season. Yikes.

4. The montage of Frank going to all the different religious figures to lament about Bianca is a genius work of art.

5. Oh my gosh, Lip as a teacher? That would literally be the most adorable and smartest thing for him to do.

6. Poor Mickey. He loves Ian so much.

7. Wouldn’t know "Shameless" is back without an intense sex scene with Fiona and her current love interest in the first episode.

8. How hipsters have invaded the Alibi is a hilarious storyline, the one with Kev and Vee’s neighbor not so much.

9. We got Carl selling guns and Debbie thinking she can raise a child. Season six is looking real hopeful so far.

10. I’m totally on Fiona’s side in wanting Debbie to consider her options, but the text messages and hashtags? Not your best tactic to get someone to consider an abortion, Fiona.


12. I can’t tell if I feel like Sean is really sweet to Fiona, but misguided as a person, or just a pretty shitty dad, boss, and boyfriend.

13. Frank’s new job is oddly fitting.

14. Good lord, Fiona you just found out you’re pregnant and then fuck one of three possible baby daddies without protection. C’mon, I’m trying to root for you here. Make better life decisions!

15. Seeing Frank and Debbie’s dynamic weirdly makes me happy to see continue to develop. They have such an odd closeness at times that’s touching. Honestly trying to find anything positive thing to look forward to.

16. If I see Lip and Helene have sex one more time, I swear to god I will lose my mind. Can they get caught already?

17. Awh, good old Gus. Glad to see he’s looking well and at least he a got a good song out of his crappy relationship with Fiona.

18. Officially referring to Sean as Sketchy Sean from now on cause I don’t know how we’re supposed to feel about this guy. He’s nice, then makes not funny jokes. He shoots up again and is pretty easily forgiven by Fiona. I just don’t know you guys.

19. My poor little lost ginger soul Ian is no more. I’m so proud of him getting back out there with dating and his career aspirations. Thank goodness I can root for at least one of these Gallaghers this season.

20. And now we’re losing the house, cool. Cool. Cool.

21. Bye Yanis. Hated you, hated your name, hated that you were so much of a plot in this season.

22. Helene getting mansplained at her conference was pretty awful. But honey getting blasted and leading Lip on that you will have a future together that you probably won’t is not the way to cope. Though that bathroom scene was oddly touching not gonna lie.

23. Erica is such a badass. I love her.

24. Oh, Amanda. You came back with a fire, a camera, and a hair color choice I would not have recommended. But you were ruthless. Thanks for at least ending Lip and Helene for me.

25. Vee with that refugee girl. My heart. So touching.

26. Poor Chuckie. This kid can’t catch a break man.

27. I’m so in on Caleb for Ian. They are so good for each other it’s insane and I am loving how perfect it is for as long as I can.

28. Fiona, you still aren’t divorced? Oh my gosh.

29. Finally, Carl is coming around.

30. Man, halfway through the season and I’m realizing how slow it’s taken for things to wrap up. Hoping the second half picks up.

31. At this point, usually some crazy shit has happened to pick up the season, but it seems like we’re just tuning into to watch a lot of fun storylines play out. Kev and Vee go on vacation. Frank and Chuckie’s grandmother, Queenie, have to deal with Chuckie at school. It’s like too much happened last season, and now this season is the calm after it.

32. Finally, RIP Carl’s dreads.

33. Episode nine finally stepping it up with the drama! Return of Mandy, Sean possibly losing custody, Lip losing his mind. Now the wheels of chaos are churning.

34. I’m not here to watch Lip backpedal. He was the Gallagher to fall very hard this season. It was only a matter of time, but still hard to watch.

35. Love Carl and Dominique, but sex already? They seem like babies.

36. Oscar from "The Office" yay!

37. Really, Sean? A proposal now? Ugh. This is way too close to the end of this series to end well.

38. Love this Svetlana and Vee storyline. What a great new dynamic and positive female friendship!

39. Love love LOVE that Carl has to step up and impress Dominique’s father. So great!

40. Love how Vee is the wake up call that Fiona has needed this season. Your divorce also did just get finalized, why are we rushing here? Especially after your first marriage was so hasty!

41. So glad that Lip finally told his dick of a professor off. What a great scene. But Lip you’re not exactly blameless here either.

42. Bachelorette party dance was hilarious and amazing. A++++

43. Oddly sweet that since it’s a tradition that Debbie gives birth at the house. And little baby Frannie? I’m down for it. Very adorable.

44. That last shot with Debbie deciding to go in the ambulance to the hospital on her own with Fiona realizing how much their relationship has changed now was amazing. Debbie needed to do this on her own though, and I think Fiona gets that, but it’s still so hard to see her being let go of and growing up.

45. Alrighty, I’m not here for Vee and Svetlana. This feels like some "Shameless" fan fiction got turned into a script on the show.

46. Love the scene between Sean, Debbie, and Fiona. So touching and love seeing them being able to cope with Debbie’s choice and how she can be a good mom. Very touching and loved the repeating of Debbie under the suitcase like Monica used to do.

47. Okay the Vee, Svetlana, and Kev situation is pretty funny if you don’t picture them all having sex together. That chart of the sex schedule was pretty great and very "Shameless" so I guess it works.

48. This crazy woodsy tents lifestyle was fun while it lasted and a nice comedic distraction, but glad we’re done with it.

49. Oh happy Fiona, I wish you would last.

50. I am now strongly on board for Sean with beating the crap out of Frank. I’m in.

51. Really, Frank you’re going to kill Sean? Okay, now it’s a Gallagher wedding. Get the popcorn ready folks.

52. Carl is turning into a total babe with his long hair. Swoon.

53. The wedding ring story. I’m crying. And the dance lessons. Man, I want these things for Fiona but just at the right time.

54. Ian has made so much progress this year. I am so proud of him. And how his fellow EMT team members stood by him and his mental health. So beautiful.

55. Oh my gosh. Fiona in a wedding dress. Emmy Rossum, you are so fucking beautiful. I am crying.

56. Oh god, Frank not the time, or was it? He mentally scarred everyone’s life, but did he do Fiona kind of a huge favor? I’m so torn. I’m glad he was being honest, but no he’s still pretty much the worst.

57. Just that look on Sean’s son's face. So sad and unfair for Frank to be so cruel in front in talking about Sean in front of his son like that. That kid has already seen and knows way too much.

58. Sean, just why? You really had to use again? I just hope he can stop to be a good father, forget husband. This isn't meant to be.

59. Alright, Fiona time to deal and finally live a life for you without a man! You can do it, I know it and I look forward to hopefully next season without men who will just disappoint you.

60. And Lip, time to deal with your alcoholism and get the care you desperately need. So hard to leave on both of my favorites going through some shit. But Frank getting pushed in the river was beautiful and felt right.

Thanks for the ride, Shameless. On to season seven whenever it gets added to Netflix!

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