60 Horrible Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Back To School
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Student Life

60 Horrible Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Back To School

A list of things I would rather do then go back to school after break

60 Horrible Things I Would Rather Do Than Go Back To School
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Thanksgiving break is at an end, so back to school us students go. We've had time to relax and do things we usually cannot do when we're drowning in homework and exams. However we have to snap back into reality. If it was possible to take a month or year or lifetime break from adulthood a lot of us would take that option, but life doesn't work that way. These things we would rather do instead of going back to school are some far fetched, exaggerations, but have a small percentage of truth behind them.

1. Laundry

2. Eat food off of the ground at your grandma's dusty house

3. Work

4. Get rejected by your crush in front of your friends

5. Be stuck in stand-still traffic for an hour within 5 miles of your destination

6. Clean your siblings room

7. Clean your room

8. Clean the bathroom after your dad used it on taco night

9. Go to the dentist

10. Get your wisdom teeth out

11. Get shots

12. Talk politics with your grandparents

13. Catch your boyfriend/girlfriend texting another girl/boy

14. Drop your phone without a case

15. Step on a Lego

16. Babysit

17. Talk to your grandma on the phone for 45 minutes

18. Watch a soap opera

19. Lose a $20 bill

20. Camp outside Walmart in the cold for Black Friday

21. Get locked outside your house

22. Live in Iowa

23. Gain 10 pounds

24. Lose your keys

25. Drive 20 miles to Chik-Fil-A on a Sunday and then realize it's closed

26. Sit next to a farter on an airplane

27. Sit next to a crying baby on an airplane

28. Go through 2-a-days in early August

29. Get a parking ticket

30. Drink Hawkeye

31. Be a Hawkeye

32. Move to Alaska

33. Be an Eskimo

34. Do the dishes after Thanksgiving

35. Throw up on your crush

36. Pay the check

37. Delete all your social media

38. Get your period when your wearing all white

39. Live in a dorm the whole time you're in college

40. Eat at a dining center the whole time you're in college

41. Pay your own cell-phone bill

42. Not be able to drive for a year

43. Be on a liquid diet for a year

44. Take a 5 minute shower every day

45. Never have heat again

46. Kick a wasp nest

47. Watch QVC 24 hours straight

48. Have constant halitosis

49. Trade lives with Donald Trump

50. Trade lives with Hillary Clinton

51. Live in the Insidious house

52. Live in a Horror film your entire life

53. Never get over 10 likes on an Instagram photo again

54. Drive over all your makeup

55. Accidentally like your crushes photo of him/her from 75 weeks ago

56. Spend a day walking in 6 inch heels

57. Make a snow angel naked

58. Rake leaves

59. Accidentally get pregnant

60. Break both my legs

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