6 Ways To Make Heels More Bearable
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6 Ways To Make Heels More Bearable

get the beauty without the pain!

6 Ways To Make Heels More Bearable

Everyone loves rocking a pair of heels and looking great for a night out, but no one loves the hassle! Here are six easy ways to make wearing your high heels more bearable:

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1) Stretch Them Out.

Put on some thick fuzzy socks and walk around house for a few hours or fill a bag of water inside the heels and freeze it overnight to expand

2) Make them slip resistant.

To get better traction, stick on some nonskid pads, or try sanding the soles.

3) Prevent Blisters.

Apply some Band-Aid friction block or clear deodorant around food for less friction and less blisters.

4) Reduce Pain.

Tape your third and fourth toe together. These two toes share a nerve. This is the nerve that can cause pain to the balls of your feet. You can reduce the pain of wearing heels by Band-Aiding them or taping them together. Also, you can reduce pain by getting some foot cushions.

5) Reduce Sweat.

Make your feet sweat proof by applying spray deodorant. This will keep your feet from producing moisture and keep your shoes from slipping off

6) Eliminate Odor.

Place dried out tea bags inside your heels for 24 hours to reduce odor that may have built up.

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