The World Would Be A Better Place If Pokemon Existed
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The World Would Be A Better Place If Pokemon Existed

Just imagine how much more amazing life would be if Pokémon were real...

The World Would Be A Better Place If Pokemon Existed

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if Pokémon existed?

I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw the new trailer for Pokémon GO. Sure, as an avid player of the game, I've thought of this idea before. But it's one thing to think about it abstractly and another to see a video where Pokémon actually come to life.

Some genius wrote in the YouTube comments: "Watch this while listening to the Pokémon theme song. The timing is perfect." I recommend this, as well.

It's too bad this game won't actually include crowds cheering at an epic battle between Mew and Mewtwo in Times Square. I don't know about you, but I loved seeing parents catching em' all with their children, and I get ridiculously excited at the possibility of Pokemon popping up in nature, or living among us in our urban world. A world with Pokemon. Real Pokemon. My ten-year-old heart is practically bursting out of its pokéball.

So, let's start to see at Pokemon as more than just a game. Let's view it as a way of life:

The world would be less violent

Instead of malicious, destructive wars between humans, there could be respectful, civilized battles between Pokémon trainers. In a world of Pokémon, there seems to be an unspoken code regarding disagreement: rather than killing, two adversaries fight a fair battle based on strategy and skill. The winner is the one who has treated their Pokémon with the most respect through training, care, and preparation.

The better trainer would gain prestige (and some spare cash to gamble with...we aren't going to discuss the "game corners" A.K.A. casinos), but the losing trainer wouldn’t have lost anything but his own pride. After the battle, the two trainers could even patch things up with a nice trip to the Pokémon Center together (Did I mention free healthcare? This world is great.). This method of settling disagreements would result in a more peaceful, loving world.

A healthier planet

Instead of driving gas-guzzling cars, people could fly or surf on their Pokémon to get from town to town. Less air pollution! Not to mention a really easy way to travel and meet new people from different cultures. As far as heating or air-conditioning houses? Just catch a Fire or Ice Pokémon and have them help you out. Same goes for electricity.

Humans would need to make sure not to abuse Pokémon and to always treat them as friends, not as objects to be used and forgotten about. Plus, I don't know about you, but I would love to live in a tree house like in Fortree city.

Healthier people

Having Pokémon would not only make the earth a healthier place, but it would also help people to stay healthy too! People would be breathing in cleaner air, and without cars, people would be encouraged to walk or bike everywhere. Just think of all that exercise!

As a trainer in the game, you never really eat anything. But I'm assuming that the Pokémon world would be full of sushi and other delicious (and healthy) Japanese dishes.

People would learn to love and respect all creatures

Through their immense love for Pokémon, humans would (hopefully) realize that all living creatures are created equally. The only way to become the best trainer is to work together with your Pokemon, not to order them around. Feeding them Pokéblocks, hugging them and training them to become stronger are all great ways to bond with your Pokémon buds.

By training and loving Pokemon people would learn that through hard work, perseverance, and a kind heart you are rewarded. The spirit of competition would be focused more on team-building and self-improvement, rather than just buying stuff for yourself (cough cough, capitalism).

Pokémon or world peace? Same thing!

Easy to meet new friends and love interests

Say goodbye to Tinder and hello to inviting random people to battle you! Challenging people to Pokémon battles is a great way to break the ice and form relationships with those around you. No one would think you're weird for wanting to train your Pokémon. Then maybe after the battle you could grab some Moomoo Milk or a lemonade together.

A better-connected world through trade

Trading Pokemon and having friendly battles with other trainers would help build strong friendships with people across the globe.

There would be so many opportunities for Pokémon contests and battles that could bring people together from several different regions. If you haven't noticed, everyone in the Pokémon world always leaves their doors open to strangers and their Pokemon. Just imagine a world with that level of trust (and try not to I am).

In the Pokemon world, it is totally normal to send mail via flying Pokémon, as well. I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to live in a world where carrier pigeons (or wingulls) are a thing.

Moral of the story is, Pokémon would bring people together. Even though Pokémon don't exist, try to bring some Poké-peace to your Poké-less world today by talking to someone new, biking to the store for some lemonade or sending someone a letter. And the next time you feel like waging a war (which hopefully is never), why don't you challenge your enemy to a Pokémon battle instead?

Finally, let's all appreciate this real-life Diglett:

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