6 Songs To Add To Your "Rainy Day" Playlist
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6 Songs To Add To Your "Rainy Day" Playlist

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought useless and disappointing"… iykyk.

6 Songs To Add To Your "Rainy Day" Playlist

Next time you watch the rain outside your window, use these songs to set the tone.

1. "Pool House" by The Backseat Lovers

The Backseat Lovers' vibe is just beautiful. I absolutely adore their presence. This song is so soothing and makes me so relaxed, despite having a really deep meaning that grips your heartstrings.

2. "Pleaser" by Wallows

The vibe of this song is a really amazing combination of chill, but also upbeat. It's a funky song with really cool lyrics you could listen to and actually really absorb the bigger meaning of the song. The goofy and deep energy surrounding the band is really showcased in this song.

3. "Cinnamon" by Briston Maroney

Listening to this song just makes me smile. Briston is just a guy I want to be best friends with, and this song just makes it even more apparent.

4. "Hocus Pocus" by Summer Salt

This song is so chill and exudes the perfect energy to just relax and listen. It's such an easy listen and just makes me want to sit in the rain and melt in it.

5. "FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE" by Zack Villere

The beginning of this song really doesn't make you think the song is going to be the energy it is. It's a really smooth and rhythmic sound that resembles a logo beat, but also has more of an r&b sound. Listening to this song in the rain just makes sense.

6. "Free Like Me" by Marc E. Bassy

His voice is just so soothing, but then when you add it into the production and flow of the song, it's just an overwhelming sense of calmness. The versatility of this song is also something that makes it stand out. It could be a sexy r&b song, or a mellow easy listener.

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