Top Reasons Why I Love Connecticut
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Top Reasons Why I Love Connecticut

I am proud of my home state, and it will always be my home.

Top Reasons Why I Love Connecticut
Kelly Shouldice

I am a Connecticut native, and having grown up in Connecticut, I have heard my fair share of complaints. No one likes the place where they grow up. During my senior year in high school, everyone dreamt of leaving the state. Most of the individuals in my graduating class who decided to go to college, remained in state. I think that was mostly due to financial reasons because, as we all know, state schools are cheaper than private or out-of-state schools.

Throughout my time growing up, we always dreamed of leaving. We made fun of our home. We called Connecticut a small state where nothing ever happens. All of the excitement was elsewhere. And yeah, there is a lot of farmland, and a lot of boring, but Connecticut can be pretty exciting at times. There is a lot to do and you just have to seek it out.

1. It is liberal here.

This may be more important to me than others, but I am really happy with our politics. And yeah, there are parts of the state that bleed Republican. But Connecticut is overwhelmingly liberal. Our senators and representatives are all Democrats. Our governor, as much as he is disliked, is also a Democrat. Connecticut is largely in favor of stronger gun control, abortion, and freedom.

2. Fall is absolutely gorgeous.

My mom kept telling me that last fall was one of the prettiest in a while. And I wasn’t around to experience it because I was at school in Pennsylvania, where fall is definitely not as pretty. Spending my first fall outside of my home really reminded me of just how gorgeous this season is back home. Nothing compares to fall in New England.

3. We get to experience all four seasons.

Along with fall, we also get three other truly unique seasons. That is something my mom has always reminded me of and that is what she always says is one of the main reasons why she stayed here. Fall is gorgeous: it starts off warm from the summer heat and cools down as the leaves turn brown. Winter is cold and dead, but it snows a lot and we typically get multiple feet of snow each time. Two feet fell in Pennsylvania back in January and it seemed like the whole state shut down completely. In spring, new life rises and it begins to warm up. Flowers bloom and things come alive again. Summer is hot and steady; it’s constantly green and humid.

4. We have a kick-butt public transit system.

I recently started taking the bus everywhere. I don’t have a license, but I can still get everywhere I need to for just $1.50. Our buses are synced with Google Maps, and it is so helpful. In Pennsylvania, the bus doesn’t even register as an option to get from my college into Lancaster. And the bus is so much more restrictive and they have fewer routes.

5. We have an enormous variety of places.

We have everything from small country towns, to suburbs, to small cities. If you want to spend a day hiking outdoors, then go ahead. If you would rather go visit the Wadsworth Atheneum (a really great museum) in downtown Hartford, it’s all yours. I grew up in a small town, and I live in a stereotypical suburb with streets of houses that all look the same. I travel through Hartford all the time. Connecticut has everything all within reach. Where I go to school, it’s practically all country and it is not easy to get to anything but farmland. I love this, but it starts to be annoying.

6. Overall, it is gorgeous here

There is beauty all over this town. Even within my suburb, there is a trail that winds up a large hill, and the view from the top of that hike is one of my absolute favorites. We have lots of state parks that are all gorgeous for different reasons.

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