6 Reasons To Get Excited For October
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6 Reasons To Get Excited For October

Halloween isn't the only thing happening this October!

6 Reasons To Get Excited For October

That's right folks, OCTOBER IS ALMOST HERE!!! I can't wait for fall, for everyone's favorite spooky holiday, and for new releases in music and video games! Check out what's coming up in just a few weeks!!!

1. Halloween

The spookiest night of the year is quickly approaching, so you better get your costumes ready! Whether you plan to trick-or-treat around your neighborhood with the little ones, attend a wild costume party, or just stay home and hand out candy to all the princesses, zombies, superheroes, and many others out there, it’s difficult to not be pumped for Halloween. I’m still deciding on my costume, but I’m leaning towards El Diablo from “Suicide Squad” — all I need is a faux letterman’s jacket and some face makeup for his tattoos (but I’m not shaving my head!).

2. Fright Dome at Circus Circus Hotel

This terrifyingly fun attraction goes hand in hand with the spirit of Halloween Night. For just a few weekends in October and September, Circus Circus Hotel’s Adventuredome amusement park turns into an all out scarefest at the time when things go bump in the night. The nationwide sensation features five haunted houses set up around the dome that are sure to send shivers down your spine, and all regular rides are able to be ridden in the dark! Each year is even more fun than the last, and the theme looks sickthis year—“Five Nights At Freddy’s?” I, personally, am shook!

3. TONS of New Music Is Dropping Left And Right!

October is going to be huge for pop album releases! Highly anticipated albums are all coming out right around the same time. Jojo’s “Mad Love” drops on October 14. This is the first album she has released since 2006, and it’s sure to throw her back in the music game. The album’s debut single, “F*** Apologies,” is a fiery anthem that promotes the importance of standing up for oneself. “I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it” Jojo sings in the chorus—she even enlisted the help of Wiz Khalifa to make sure this track set the precedent for the album to come. Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” comes out on October 21. This marks Gaga’s return to the pop genre following the mediocre “ARTPOP”—though the lead single “Perfect Illusion” has me worried that this one isn’t going to be much of an improvement. Finally, Tove Lo’s “Lady Wood” releases on October 28. Lo’s second studio album following “Queen Of The Clouds” will be another concept album that, so far, has some bangers! “Influence” and “Cool Girl” aren’t even close to getting overplayed in my car yet.

4. Friday The 13th: The Game

(WARNING: Graphic images are contained in this video. Viewer discretion advised.)

Okay, so, like… I’m not actually sure if this is actually going to be released in October or not because the developers NEVER TELL THE FANS ANYTHING!!! (I’m looking right at you, Gun Media.) However, I have high hopes that the game will hit shelves before November 1 rolls around. “Friday The 13th: The Game” is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which one player controls Jason Voorhees and seven players play as camp counselors. The counselors must survive the night while Jason must hunt down every counselor until none are left alive. This is the first video game to allow players to star in their own “Friday The 13th” story, either as the killer or the victim!

5. Rise Of The Tomb Raider on PS4

I’ve waited for over three years for my dream of getting to play "Rise Of The Tomb Raider" on the Playstation 4 (SCREW you Microsoft!!!) to become a reality, and my wish is finally coming true!!! Jam-packed with all previously released DLC IN ADDITION TO classic character models from the original games for Lara to wear, a new multiplayer survival mode, and a new story mission with over an hour of additional gameplay… this is the definitive edition of the game Playstation Raiders have been waiting for. And all at the surprisingly reasonable and decent price of only $60!!!

6. Last but not least… THE BIRTH OF MOI!

Yes, my birthday is coming! I was brought into this world the day before Halloween, and I have so much fun with it every year. Gifts will be graciously accepted if any of my readers are feeling generous… this article might give you some good ideas on what I’m wishing for this year!

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