6 Places To Visit In New England For The Holidays
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6 Places To Visit In New England For The Holidays

New England is the best places to spend your holiday season. No arguments.

6 Places To Visit In New England For The Holidays

Cold weather, sweaters, hot drinks, leave-less trees, and dare I say it – snow: it’s officially the holiday season! Whether you celebrate all the holidays from November to early January or none at all, it’s still a great time to get the family together and share thanks and love. I love this time of year specifically for that reason; my family is the type to always gather together and enjoy each other’s company. Before I can even remember, my mom’s side has always done a cute tradition of gathering my mom’s side together and going on a trip together for Thanksgiving. We learn some history or do some shopping and meet together afterward for turkey, stuffing, and everything in between! Traveling for the holidays is a great idea (as long as you do it right,) but finding a destination can be tricky. Luckily, I’ve been to a fair share of places and have a solid list of places in New England to check out whether for the holidays or a quick weekend trip. And remember: it’s best to book your trips ASAP as the holidays can get quite hectic!

1. Waterville Valley, NH

In the late fall/early winter, Waterville Valley is absolutely beautiful! You’re far north enough for skiing and snowboarding, plus you’re in the White Mountains, so it’s the perfect time to explore! If you prefer staying warm, the Inn is gorgeous and the perfect place to sit by the fire and read a book. They offer great holiday deals and the area tends to be quieter, so you’re bound to have a relaxing stay.

2. Plymouth Plantation in Plymouth, MA

If you want a trip packed with history and great family bonding opportunities, then why not go to the place where it all started? I came here for Thanksgiving with my family back when I was in elementary school and it’s still one of the most memorable trips from my childhood. My grandmother tends to pick places with a chance of learning about our country’s history and this was no exception; you genuinely feel like you’re back in the 1600’s. After a full day of walking, you have the opportunity to sit down for a full Thanksgiving dinner with servers dressed period-appropriately. I remember the tables book fast, so it’s worth RSVPing as soon as possible.

3. Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, NH (Or Any Pancake House)

This trip is definitely for the breakfast lovers! Pancakes and other early bird meals are offered all day at these pancake houses, as well as holiday dinner specials. Some pancake houses, such as Benton’s Sugar Shack in Thornton, NH, offer tours of the process of making maple syrup and allow you to try samples fresh from the pot (best elementary school field trip ever!) There’s almost always a store to buy fresh, authentic maple syrup and other cute New England souvenirs. While there’s not much to do besides the meal, it’s worth taking the trip for a true New England specialty.

4. Remick Farm in Tamworth Village, NH

If you’re a country person at heart, a day at the farm is going to make for a great holiday! This cute farm had a fair amount of acres of fields, barns, animals, and beautiful scenery. From petting cows to a short history of the farm in the house, you get a true sense of New Hampshire. My family got some beautiful pictures taken here both at the farm and around the small town. Their Thanksgiving dinner was cozy and delicious in the main house where a fire was lit and the love was spread around the room. I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a taste of the small, quiet countryside life.

5. Castle In The Clouds in Moultonborough, NH

Yes, a real castle in New Hampshire! This is an ideal location for weddings, holidays, and travelers who want to see a beautiful location in one of the best parts of NH. This was my family’s location of choice this year (I’m so pumped) and I’ll be able to give a better review after I’ve been, but from all I’ve heard, it’s something to add to your bucket list. If you invite your family for a nice holiday weekend, you’re in for an incredible stay. This place is always busy, so the sooner you book reservations, the better (and I highly recommend you do someday!)

6. Freeport, ME

Famous for L.L. Bean and the giant boot outside the store, this cute village in Maine is a great bonding opportunity for families this season! Offering outdoor events such as archery, canoeing, hiking, fishing, and more, you’re bound to have a day packed with fun! The shopping scene is very country-outdoorsy focused, but more than worth the trip up for anyone. There are quite a few dinner options, which makes the trip more flexible for picky eaters or for those who plan to go outside of the holiday season. And since it’s a short trip from Portland, it’s a great excuse to travel up!

I always love going on these day trips with my family and each time, I find myself more and more thankful for my time with them. If you have any recommendations, feel free to add below in the comments for anyone planning to travel for their holiday season! I’m sure my grandmother has a list of places as well – and she could always use more for the future! Enjoy your season everyone; stay safe and spread the love!

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