My Forever Fall Favorites You Just Can't Live Without
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My Forever Fall Favorites You Just Can't Live Without

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

My Forever Fall Favorites You Just Can't Live Without

It's fall! It's autumn! It's spooky season!!!! In my humble opinion, October, November, and December are just the Holy Trinity of Months - they are flawless and cannot be topped. Fall and Winter make the world come alive with holiday spirit and I am so here for it. I had a blast writing my July favorites article earlier this year, so I thought I'd throw some of my fall faves your way too! My life/apartment definitely look like autumn exploded and I am here to help a sister out with cheap and fun ways to get into the fall mood!!!

1. fall themed & spooky themed mugs

What better way to enjoy your pumpkin coffee and/or pumpkin spice coffee creamer than in a spooky mug??? I definitely own more than I should, but in my defense that's only because I snag them for $3.99 at Home Goods. I mean come on, that's a steal.

Bonus points for the Autumn plates I also scored for $3.99!!!

2. Bed Accessories

If it's fall, I need my home to feel like fall. Coziness is important to me!! Do not underestimate the power of a throw blanket!!! I got the cutest fuzzy pumpkin blanket from TJ Maxx for only $15 and some suuuuper basic fall pillows also for $15 - now my room looks the part. I know as an Aggie I'm supposed to hate burnt orange or whatever, but it's playing a large role in my life right now. #SorryNotSorry

3. Trader Joe's pumpkin muffins

Yum and YUM! Look, you know I'm all about ~health~ and stuff, but if it's below 70 degrees outside, it's muffin time. All the time. It's officially to the point where I always have muffins baked and ready to eat. Did I think I would ever be that person? No. Do I have any regrets? Also no. You can find muffin mix just about anywhere, but Trader Joe's cannot be beat. I added chocolate chips for extra sweetness, and not to brag, but my roommate cried when she tried one. Can't go wrong with chocolate chips.

4. Halloween Pajama Set

Biiiggggg pajama set girl. It's one of the many things I have in common with Jessica Day from New Girl. My faithful Halloween set is going strong, year two. I found my exact set here on Amazon, but here's another cute one similar to it from Target. If you're going to binge watch scary movies, you might as well look the part!!

5. Halloween Office Episodes

Let's just all agree that The Office is amazing and you need to watch it okay!?! In order starting with my favorite, The Office Halloween Episodes are:

Season 7, Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 5

Season 8, Episode 5

Season 6, Episode 8

Season 9, Episode 5 (special shoutout to Pumpkin Dwight)

If you haven't already, just go ahead and watch all nine seasons. And even if you have, what's one more time through??

6. Thumb hole shirts

I love cold weather and I LOVE LOVE dressing the part!!! My new favorite thing to wear is shirts and jackets with thumb holes in them!! So cute and cozy!! My absolute favorite workout brand is Balance Athletica and they have the cutest jackets (full length and cropped) and sweatshirts with thumbholes! They just really help your clothes stay in place when you're working out, and they look super cute even when you're not! I am also a huge fan of Lululemon's long sleeve swiftly tech shirts that also have thumbholes. But we all know we can't afford Lulu 100% of the time (10/10 would recommend the "we made too much" page), so praise The Lord for this Amazon dupe! They run a little small so I would size up, at 145 lbs, a medium fits me perfectly!

For just straight up cute, athleisure aside, I would recommend Aerie's ribbed shirts!

Get cozy and get into the full spirit of autumn!!!

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