My July Favorites That Might Just Make An August Appearance
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My July Favorites That Might Just Make An August Appearance

You'll want to add to cart, press play, and devour. Just trust me.

My July Favorites That Might Just Make An August Appearance

How on earth is it August already? I'm pretty sure my spring semester ended last week! This summer has been the absolute best for a whole lot of reasons: I got to bounce around all over Texas like a balloon, I kicked a summer class in the butt, I got to see one of my favorite bands EVER The Head and The Heart in concert, and I've had the world's most flexible job that has allowed me to make my own schedule & make all my bouncing around possible! July was a long one but it was a good one, and I would love to share with you some of my favorites from this summer that I might just have to integrate into the rest of the year.

Target brand 'Stars Above' pajama set

I don't know about you, but my Target has gotten a complete makeover and is bad and boujee now. Which is a good thing in my opinion because Target was kinda going downhill there for a little bit, every white girl in their early 20's' worst nightmare. If you know me, you know I love pajamas, specifically pajama sets, and I just really don't understand people who sleep in real clothes! Like excuse me what?!?!?!

Well I was on the hunt for a new one because I have way more winter pj sets than summer and I wanted to switch it up. For some reason I am super into animal print right now and saw the cutest cheetah/leopard print pj set at Target and I had to have it. And it's SO comfy ya'll! It's more high quality than the ones I own already (higher quality than their old brand Gillian & O'Malley) - it's thick but not too thick, and it's a silky, cottony feel. I definitely went overboard and bought the individual matching pants too so now my pj set can be shorts or pants! yay! 10/10 would recommend.

Get your own Stars Above set here!

Adidas Shoes

I might be late to the game here, but I used to be a Nike shoes girl through and through. Their shoes are more narrow, and I preferred the smallest and lightest shoe possible to distance run. I am way more into lifting now, so bulkier workout shoes are fair game. I got some cloud foam Adidas shoes from Academy (shout out to the right stuff low price everyday) and wow oh wow they are SO comfy! I am a huge fan and I might be an Adidas convert. It's only been a few weeks, but if they stand the test of time they will most definitely not be my last pair! & bonus points because they are super cute! I got a light white/neutral pink color so they match almost all of my workout leggings!

Grab a pair here!

Red Hearse

JACK ANTONOFF HAS DONE IT AGAIN PEOPLE! If you know me at all you know Bleachers is by far my favorite band forever and ever and I'm obsessed with Jack Antonoff. WELL, he has joined/created ANOTHER band called Red Hearse and oh my goodness gracious it's the best ever. Lyrics? Amazing? Sound? Amazing. Production? Amazing. I'll never get over it. He's not the singer but all the songs so far just sound so much like him and his style I've instantly loved it all! Their full album releases later this month and I'm PUMPED to say the least.

Stream Red Hearse on Spotify here!!!!!


I'm well aware most of us know what Redbubble is, but I always forget how cool of a website it is until I need STICKERS! If you've never heard of Redbubble before, WELCOME! I recently got a new laptop case so obviously I have to cover it in stickers!!!! They have literally everything ya'll!!!! I think my theme is yellow because that color makes me happy but other than that my stickers are all over the place! I've got Jesus, parks and rec, Texas A&M, This is us, and Jack Antonoff all making an appearance on my case. PLUS if you get 10 stickers you get 50% off your order so why would you not buy 10?? I've gotten a mug and a shirt from them in the past, they truly do it all.

Check out Redbubble here.

TOAST!!! (Okay, mainly Peanut Butter & Co.)

So simple yet so amazing! I've been trying to make it a goal of mine this summer to not workout on a completely empty stomach even though it's the first thing I do in the morning. This helps me feel a little bit more energized and lift a little heavier since I have some fuel in me. Every morning I've been making toast on Sara Lee's artisan bread with Peanut Butter & Co. dark chocolate peanut butter (from HEB) on top and I'm not sure why but I'm addicted! The artisan bread is super fulfilling and thick and I'm hoping the name dark chocolate peanut butter speaks for itself! DO NOT be afraid of carbs, they are not the devil. Depriving yourself of the nutrients you need is the devil!!!!

Check out their website here! The next flavor I'm going to try is their Pumpkin Spice, fall will be here before we know it!

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