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James Corden hosted an epic night on CBS that's still got us talking a week later!

Alright folks, its been almost a week since the Grammy Awards aired on CBS. There is talk about so many different moments from that night last Sunday, but here are the most memorable:

10. Bruno Mars serenading the ladies

- Bruno Mars definitely has a way with his charm on stage, presenting his appreciation for women by singing directly to us "That's What I Like". And can I just say, that's what I like.

9. Tori Kelly and Demi Lovato's belted tribute

- The two young and talented musicians took the Grammys by storm, being the stars of this year's tribute to artists lost but never forgotten.

8. James Corden's entrance

- Unexpected, the 2017 Grammys host rises onto the stage, gets stuck midway, reveals confusion as to which step to take next, hops up, stands at the very top step to greet the audience already cheering and laughing, takes another step, falls into the stairs almost to his death, struggles back up like a hero, rises again, trips, falls and rolls his way down the rest of the stairs and met by into dancers who really know how to keep it going. That was fun. Not quite certain whether or not it was for sure, ya never know with these things, but it was entertaining nevertheless!

7. Katy Perry's most fun-to-watch performance

- Katy Perry on stage is always something you'd expect fro, her. For example, her Super Bowl Half Time Show performance with sharks and beach balls - that's something Katy Perry would do. Her 2017 Grammys performance was new, laid back yet something to obsess over, and overall exceptional. She served a look, delivered a sound, and impressed many.

6. Twenty One Pilots in their underwear

- Such a sweet moment for them and definitely a first!

"'You know, if we ever win a Grammy, we should receive it just like this.' So not only is this amazing, but I want everyone who's watching at home to know, that you could be next. So watch out, OK? Because anyone from anywhere can do anything"

5. J Lo serving looks

- Stunning. That's all!

4. James Corden's parents having the experience of a lifetime

- After returning from a break, Corden introduces what next, then stops to find his father with Heidi Klum on his lap, then farther away, his mother with Nick Jonas. This is something many would die for. Still a cute moment as we could tell that there are still sparks between the growing couple as this was also a celebration of 45 years of marriage!

3. Lady Gaga and Metallica

- Gaga knows how to put on an event and last night, she did not cease to drop jaws as she presented a hard rock performance with Metallica which led to her crowd diving.

2. Adele's s/o to Beyonce

- Adele brings out so much of her soul through her music its no wonder why she stays winning. Another one of very few artists that does so as well is Beyonce. We applaud Adele for her win and for acknowledging that Beyonce for her work and her voice is also a strong, fine, and valid contender for the Album of the Year award. Watch her full speech here to understand why Adele is to be adored even more.

1. Beyonce

- A pregnant queen delivered a performance leaving the audience shocked, naturally. She dominated the stage with "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles" from her album released early 2016, Lemonade, as well as her featured poetry which grows deep into heartache and awakening. The "go big or go home" motto most definitely applies here and everywhere Beyonce is headed.

And this has been the 10 most iconic moments of the 2017 Grammy Awards. What are your thoughts about the celebration? Keep it here for more!

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