55 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For Finals
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55 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For Finals

Become allergic to pizza.

55 Things I Would Rather Do Than Study For Finals

It's that wonderful time of year again where every college student has the same look of defeat, exhaustion and despair. Do I really have to study? Who came up with the idea of finals anyway, especially cumulative ones? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, never mind what I learned in January. I am so ready to finally go home, sleep in and never have to open another word document again...well for four months that is. Here's a list of some of the many things that I would rather do than study for my final exams.

1. Shave my legs, especially around the ankle and knee

2. Get food poisoning

3. Have to eat another meal of grilled chicken and rice

4. Sleep through a week of hot nights with no window fan

5. Poke a fork in my eye

6. Stress eat myself into a food coma

7. Pack up my entire room by myself

8. Pull out my eyelashes one by one

9. Have to wear a strapless bra all day

10. Go through and delete all of my emails

11. Be told I can only spend $10 at Target

12. Get a paper cut every time I touch a piece of paper

13. Have to look like a real human for the last week of classes

14. Lick my dorm's toilet seat

15. Go for a run - I hate running

16. Wear jeans for a week

17. Go to a dentist appointment instead of my final exam

18. Have Donald Trump do my makeup

19. Ruin my Snapchat streaks

20. Give up coffee

21. Become allergic to pizza

22. Have a Britney Spears moment and shave my head

23. Get banned from ice cream parlors

24. Go back in time so I'm not 21

25. Never drink wine again

26. Sit in church for an entire day

27. Eat paper

28. Listen to nails on a chalkboard

30. Teach my mom what an emoji is

31. Go back to wearing the colorfully patterned underwear your mom would buy you in packages at Walmart

32. Listen to One Direction

33. Lay on the beach all day with no sunscreen - I'm pale and Scottish

34. Donate all my leggings

35. Give up wearing Uggs - I have like 10 pairs

36. Eat brussel sprouts for every meal

37. Only be able to talk in rhyme

38. Have my period for a month

39. Wake up at 5am every day - no naps allowed

40. Sit through a musical

41. Learn to sing ... well

42. Get an aversion to dogs

43. Have my computer crash

44. Attend a Taylor Swift concert

45. Always get stuck behind a slow driver no matter where you're going

46. Wear heels with every outfit

47. Smell my shoes after a long shift at work

48. Lose my debit card

49. Get a job at the DMV

50. Say 'hi' to my worst enemy every day

51. Take all my classes with my least favorite professor

52. Walk on hot rocks at the beach in bare feet

53. Make crocs fashionable

54. Lose all the pictures on my phone

55. Write this article

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