It's that time of year where everyone is beginning to start to study for their finals and prepare to leave campus for the summer. If you're like me, you would rather do literally anything else besides studying. There are so many things that you can do to distract yourself from the terrible thing that is studying for finals.

Here are 51 things you could do to avoid studying for your final exams this semester.

1. Drink some coffee

2. Take a shower

3. Eat a snack

4. Watch a new episode on Netflix

5. And then another one

6. Maybe one more

7. Well, may as well finish the whole season

8. Clean your room

9. Do some laundry

10. ACTUALLY clean your room, because we both know that you half-assed it

11. Call your mom

12. Realize that you accidentally talked to your mom for over an hour

13. Go online shopping

14. Regret spending that money

15. Do other homework

16. Calculate how well you have to score on the exam to get a 4.0 in the class 

17. Go get some food (maybe a burrito, that sounds really good)

18. Go on Facebook

19. Refresh your Facebook feed again, in case anything changed in the last 46 seconds

20. Write a love letter to your crush

21. Rip up the letter because you know it won't happen

22. Cry

23. Stop crying because you're a bad bitch

24. Organize your closet

25. Plan your entire wardrobe for the summer

26. Realize how many clothes you have that you don't wear

27. Maybe just ONE more season of that show

28. Make cookies

29. Eat all of them

30. Go to the gym because you regret eating all the cookies

31. Stare blankly out of a window

32. Think about when your husband will return from war

33. Go for a walk

34. Listen to music

35. Spend too much money on music festival tickets

36. Plan your whole trip to the festival

37. Figure out that you have to spend MORE money on clothes for the festival

38. Go through old photos on your phone

39. Start some drama in your friend group chat for fun

40. Turn your phone off because the drama is overwhelming

41. Plan your own surprise birthday party

42. Learn every dance routine from Grease

43. Record yourself doing the dances

44. Delete the videos immediately 

45. Think about the meaning of life

46. Take a Buzzfeed quiz to figure out which Riverdale character you are

47. Get mad because you got Betty, and just know that you ARE a Veronica

48. Think about how many exams you have

49. Cry

50. Accept your grades

51. Go back to #1 and start over