50 Little Things To Be Grateful For

It's so incredibly difficult sometimes to find things to be grateful for. We get so caught up in the big picture ideas and our busy lives that we often forget just how to be happy. There are so many things, even if they seem small, worth cherishing.

1.The way rain smells when it hits the pavement.

2. A warm hug.

3. When dogs get pull on their leashes because they're excited to see you.

4. Finding a new favorite song and listening to it on repeat.

5. The feeling of sunshine on your face.

6. The feeling of a shower after the beach.

7. The way a new book smells.

8. Learning all the lyrics to a song.

9. When something fits perfectly on a shelf.

10. How light your head feels after a haircut.

11. Cold drinks on a hot day.

12. Warm drinks on a cold day.

13. Sitting around a fire.

14. The smell of freshly brewed coffee.

15. The way grass feels in between your toes.

16. Giving a compliment.

17. Receiving a compliment.

18. When you finish everything on your to do list.

19. Finding the perfect gift for someone you care about.

20. Cuddling with a pet.

21. Cuddling with another person.

22. When you and a new friend have your first deep conversation.

23. Eating your favorite meal.

24. Receiving something in the mail.

25. Buying a new shirt and wearing it the next day.

26. The taste of the first ice cream you buy during the summer.

27. Clothes that are fresh out of the dryer.

28. Eating breakfast in bed.

29. Getting a parking spot right near the entrance.

30. Having a really good hair day.

31. Singing in the shower.

32. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep.

33. Climbing into bed with warm clean sheets.

34. Planning a trip.

35. Wearing your favorite t-shirt.

36. The good kind of exhaustion after a workout.

37. Dancing around a kitchen as you cook.

38. New office supplies.

39. Leaving the windows open all day.

40. Waking up on payday.

41. Having the row to yourself on an airplane.

42. Finding something that you thought you lost.

43. The smell of candles right after you blow them out.

44. Breaking a perforated seal.

45. Finding a keychain with your name on it.

46. Popping bubble wrap.

47. The first time you hear birds chirping in the spring.

48. Finding money in your pocket that you didn't know was there.

49. Having just enough milk for your bowl of cereal.

50. Being really, truthfully happy.

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