5 Witchy Tips For Halloween
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5 Witchy Tips For Halloween

Be a spooktacular host with these helpful holiday tips

5 Witchy Tips For Halloween

Tis the season for Butterbeer shots, dry ice cauldron punch, spooky spider Oreos, and an assortment of other ghost host-approved party treats. But before you can get down to putting a spell on your guests, best to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for receiving some happy haunts.

1. Clean out, clear out, and keep out

While dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming, take some time to shake out any lingering cobwebs of negative energy. A mix of sage and lavender with baking soda is a great carpet deodorizer, and both herbs are fantastic at clearing out unwanted energies. This opens your space to positive and higher vibrations, which you can keep around with wreaths or braids of sweetgrass. This herb fills your space with gentle, good energies, and great if you enjoy the presence of the feminine spirit. Keep out unwanted energies with crystal grids, salt lines, or any other form of protective warding.

2. Set the table, and set your intent

Personally, I like to “reprogram” my spiritual intent and focus with each change of season. Some folks prefer to do it every holiday, but Halloween – also referred to as Samhain – is a great time of year to reflect and reset. You can do a similar process with the space in your home to maximize concentration. Specific crystals or herbs can offer amplification of your intention, or you can keep it as simple as a declaration: This space is going to be a drama-free, positivity haven for myself and my guests.

3. Avoid tarot taboo

Halloween parties offer a great opportunity for tarot readers to practice their craft, whether for novelty benefit, or as part of formal sabbat celebrations. While every tarot user has different methods and processes, it’s usually a good idea to clear out any residual energies your cards might be storing. For folks that allow others to touch their cards during a reading, this is especially helpful in avoiding cloudy readings. Card clearing techniques can be as simple as tapping or shaking the deck, or as complex as routine moon-cycle cleanings complete with crystal gridding.

4. Trick-or-Treat Yo Self

Self-care is often a neglected prep aspect during the holiday season. With the overwhelming nature of trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle while maintaining balance with other life responsibilities, it can be easy to drop yourself from priority. Enjoy a therapeutic reiki or reflexology session to recharge, or add a little more pep in your step before finishing your prep. Epsom salt baths are a great way to alleviate stress, and mixed with a little essential oil or bath-safe herbs, can make an easy and refreshing spiritual cleanse.

5. Mindful menu

While ghoulish-inspired gourmet sweets are all the rage in Pinterest recipes, don’t forget to keep some balance with your party offerings. There are so many fantastic fall flavors, especially if you’re looking for more savory options for your guests. Pumpkin, apple, and squash are harvest fruits that you can make into pies, casseroles, or fire up the grill and serve up some autumn kabobs. You can even find recipes that incorporate these ingredients into spiced drinks. Add some dry ice, and you’ve got yourself party perfect cauldron punch.

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