5 Ways To Be Outside Despite COVID-19, Even Though Netflix Looks More Appealing
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5 Ways To Be Outside Despite COVID-19, Even Though Netflix Looks More Appealing

You won't want to have no memories but the "Are you still watching?" button once this is all over.

5 Ways To Be Outside Despite COVID-19, Even Though Netflix Looks More Appealing

Listen, I know it's been hard these last few months. With nothing to do except school, and nothing open (despite that changing now in some states) it's easy to just stay inside and do nothing all day. But I've recently gotten more active, and it's given my days more purpose and joy.

1) Go on a hike

This option combines a workout with experiencing the outdoors, and I've gone on many social distancing hikes with my friends. We get to explore a new part of our area and take a break from the endless screens.

2) Find a lake, and swim!

To be fair, I haven't done this yet. But I plan to -- in my town, there's this thing called the Inkwells; pits of inky black water surrounded by 25 feet tall rocks. In the summer, they're always populated by speakers, towels, and more people than you can count. I plan on going there when it's hot with my friends.

3) Do some outdoor social distanced yoga with your friends. 

This is a great option if you're over runs and hikes. Grab a few friends, set up a computer with YouTube, and go!

4) Go on a run/do an outdoor workout.

While outdoor runs do not compare to a spin class, they're a good way to keep off the popcorn you're most likely OD-ing on these days.

5) Take a sunset drive, and sit somewhere pretty.

This is my favorite activity. It's my time to be alone and sit with my thoughts while getting to see the sunset. 10/10 would recommend.

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