Many students worry about running out of money over the summer. Here are a few ways to prevent that from happening while still making the most out of your summer:

Buy only an appetizer when you go out.

Going out with friends is a must-do activity over the summer. Whether you go to a diner, restaurant, or a fast food chain, try to limit your portions to save money. For example, only buy an appetizer or stick with water. Some places even have half off apps which is a hard bargain to pass up. This method can save you up to $20 each time you go out, and since the weather is getting better, it's going to be a lot.


Carpooling is a great way to save money. Instead of traveling in four separate cars to the mall, pick up your friends and ride together. You are saving money because you are using less gas as a group, and you can even ask your friends for gas money for the trip. Instead of $20, your cost is cut down to only $5. This method is great and you can also say that you are saving the environment as well!

Get a job.

There are many businesses that look for high school and college students to work summer shifts. Although most of these jobs pay minimum wage, if you rack up enough hours, you can make a lot of money. Stores in the mall are hiring, as well as supermarkets, parks and recreational services, and lifeguarding. So, if you are thinking your summer is going to be boring because you're planing on sitting in the house all day, you could get a job, especially if you want to have extra money in your pocket for the summer. Who knows, you may actually love this job!

Don't go out one day.

If you go out everyday and spend $30 each night, you would spend almost $2,000 over the summer. Spend a day at home with your family instead of going out with your friends. Take a day off and save money. Share a meal with your family, paid for with daddy's credit card instead of your own.

Only carry $50 with you to the mall

Set a limit on what you want to buy, in this case, $50. Only carry that amount with you because it limits you to buy only that amount. Instead of going into each store saying "I don't want to spend a lot of money," but walk out with $100 of stuff you don't need and off to the next store, your mind will be set towards the money you brought and focus on more important things. There are a lot of sales anywhere you go. Don't be fooled by a "good" bargain either. Buy 3, Get One Free is really only saving up to 25% on your purchase, and you have to buy the three items usually at regular price, which isn't much of a deal anymore.

Anywhere you go, you are going to spend money, whether it be admission, food, or transportation, there are always ways to save money. When you go to the supermarket, use coupons. Also, use online shopping with free shipping so you don't need to spend money on gas, or order a small meal instead of the medium. Take any of these five steps and they will go a long way.