"Pokémon Go" has quickly become one of the most popular apps in the United States. Since its release last week, "Pokémon Go" has received more than 15 million downloads and is now the most popular mobile game in the U.S. However, the game is not only experienced on a phone screen. Here are 10 weird stories of how "Pokémon Go" has impacted the real world.

1. Robbers Use The App To Attract Victims

Four armed robbers in Missouri used the app to find their victims. The robbers looked for PokéStops on their phones, and then went there to find their victims. Eight or nine people were robbed in two days, and this is not the only indecent of "Pokémon Go" related robberies. The victims are busy looking at their phones, trying to catch Pokémon and don't notice where they are being lead, nor do they notice the robbers waiting for them. Be safe out there, trainers!

2. A Dead Body Was Found By A Teenager Playing "Pokémon Go"

A Wyoming teen, Shayla Wiggins, was playing "Pokémon Go" when she stumbled across a dead body. She had hopped a fence and was walking along a shoreline, trying to catch a Pokémon, when she saw a dead body floating in the water. She notified police who retrieved the dead body.

3. A Man Caught A Pidgey Playing "Pokémon Go" While His Wife Was In Labor

Some police stations and hospitals are Pokéstops, so why not take advantage of that while you are waiting for your wife to give birth? Jonathan Theriot thought that he would take advantage of the hospital being a Pokéstop and caught a Pidgey Pokémon on the edge of his wife's hospital bed while she was in the hospital giving birth to the couple's third child.

4. "Pokémon Go" Is Taking Over Some Of The Most Secure Locations In The United States

The White House and the Pentagon are some of the most secure locations in the United States, but "Pokémon Go" has even made its way into these top-secret buildings. The White House and Pentagon have been turned into Pokémon gyms for "Pokémon Go" users.

5. "Pokémon Go" Has Caused People To Leave Their Houses And Be Active

"Pokémon Go" is an interactive app, meaning the Pokémon that appear on your phone screen appear to be in the real world, as well. "Pokémon Go" users have to leave their homes and walk around in order to catch Pokémon, being active and making friends with other "Pokémon Go" users along the way.

"Pokémon Go" is an extremely popular app that has taken the world by storm in only a short amount of time. The app can be fun and exciting, but it can also have an impact on the real world. So, be safe and have fun out there, trainers!