5 Tips For Rocking The Spring Job and Internship Fair
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5 Tips For Rocking The Spring Job and Internship Fair

February 24th will be here before you know it.

5 Tips For Rocking The Spring Job and Internship Fair

With a little less than a week until the University of Iowa's Spring Job and Internship Fair, there is still a little time to spruce up those resumes and buy a new pair of dress pants. Summer is on its way, which means three solid months that can be dedicated to an internship or job related to your field. The University offers guidance for pre fair prep and checklists aimed at making sure you nail every interview you get. The Pomerantz Career Center also provides fair goers with a detailed list of all employers participating in the fair.

However, these resources don't always cut it. Think about it. If everyone does everything on these lists or attends every scripted informational meeting, everyone is going to go in there looking the same, acting the same, and saying the same things. No one stands out. No one shows how unique they are. So here are a few tips to make sure you stand out on fair day.

1. Update your LinkedIn profile picture.

Or, more specifically, change your picture. Keep it clear, with only you in it of course. But please, deviate from the typical business suit side angled shot and make yourself seem more interesting. And whatever picture you choose, do not have your arms folded in front of your body.

2. Clean up your resume.

Do not include your high school award for perfect attendance during the second semester of your freshmen year. Employers don't care about that. Unless you worked on some incredible research project or had a relevant internship, take out everything from high school. Keep your college achievements front and center. List relevant experience first and keep it to a single page. Your participation in intramural inter tube water polo probably shouldn't headline. If you can, write a short, three or four sentence objective at the top of the page. You are a person, not a bulleted list after all.

3. Wear something bold.

Obviously don't wear the shiny gold legging you tailgate in. But change it up. Don't wear a solid black suit and white button up. Girls, wear a bold color blouse. Or a simple shirt and blazer combination with a statement necklace. Guys, wear a color tie or trade the black dress suit in for a navy one. Move away from template business professional and find what makes you feel well dressed and confident. They'll notice if you spend the whole conversation tugging at your jacket.

4. Hygiene and hydrate.

If this isn't a regular thing for you, even though at this stage in the game it should be, today is the day to floss, brush your teeth, deodorize, and wash your hair. Show the employer you really care about talking to them by making sure you don't knock them unconscious with your three cups of coffee breath. And do not forget to hydrate. Preferably with water. You will be doing a lot of talking and your mouth will probably get pretty dry.

5. Be confident.

If you've done your homework on potential internships and put a little effort into your self-presentation then you're on your way to rocking the fair. Something makes you different from the person standing next to you. Make sure whatever it is, whether it's a character trait, a talent, or an experience, that it makes its way into your conversations. You deserve the internship you're seeking. You belong there. So be confident, give a firm hand shake, and smile. You got this.

For more information on UI's Spring Job and Internship Fair click here.

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