5 Tips The 2016 Presidential Candidates Should Take From Leslie Knope
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5 Tips The 2016 Presidential Candidates Should Take From Leslie Knope

Or a Basic List of Why Leslie Knope Is The Greatest Role Model

5 Tips The 2016 Presidential Candidates Should Take From Leslie Knope

With so much news being broadcasted everywhere about the 2016 Presidential race, I have come to the conclusion that no one understands how to run a campaign as well as Leslie Knope from "Parks and Recreation." I think many of the candidates need to take a tip from Leslie Knope and the way she ran her 2012 City Council campaign. So here's a list of five tips for any Presidential Candidate taken from the one and only Mrs. Knope.

1. Run a Campaign Like a Beautiful, Conflict-Dodging Butterfly

Leslie is the epitome of a good sport. While she does get angry sometimes, she knows that the best way to win something, is by doing it fairly. That's why when Ben Wyatt, her campaign manager, suggested that she run a negative campaign ad against her opponent Bobby Newport on Pawnee television, she had a fit. Leslie doesn't believe in hurting someone else for personal gain. Which is certainly something any presidential candidate can learn from.

2. Leave Your Campaign and Work Life Separate

Before running for City Council, Leslie worked for the Parks Department and continued to work for the department throughout her campaign. She made sure that her Parks work would not interfere with her campaign and the other way around by keeping them separate. She wouldn't let anyone ask her any questions or talk to her about anything regarding her campaign inside the Parks building, but they could talk and ask questions right outside of the building. This helped her keep all of her ducks in a row but eventually showed her that it's okay to set your priorities in order to make sure things get done properly.

3. Don't Get Fed Up With The Number of Supporters You Have

This might seem kind of redundant because an election is all about who comes in first place in the end. However, while the race is still going on, it is important to make sure that you tailor your campaign to the vast majority of people hearing you and supporting you and don't get caught up with the one person who just loathes you. You know the saying "Haters are my Motivators"? Well, that totally applies in this situation. Leslie got caught up with trying to make this one man vote for her, so she held a bowling party and gave this one man so much attention rather than focusing on the rest of the people at the party. In the end, the man didn't budge and he STILL said he wouldn't vote for me. So (*SPOILER ALERT*), Ben Wyatt punched him. (God, I just love Ben and Leslie's relationship don't you?!)

4. Leave Everything Out In the Open and Apologize For Your Mistakes

In the beginning of her campaign, Leslie was so worried that her relationship with Ben Wyatt, the city auditor when he comes to town, would get out. Finally, she threw caution to the wind because she loved Ben and told Chris Traeger, who strongly disapproves of work relationships, about their love for each other. Leslie went into her campaign being fully honest about her past and the "skeletons in her closet." This is something that not a lot of politicians do. They want to hide a lot of their past, which is understandable. But when you come forth and are open about things from the beginning, it makes everything much easier.

Leslie also is not afraid to say she's sorry. When she doesn't know that Nick Newport, Bobby's father, is dead and she accidentally says he "has been poisoning this town for years", she goes to Bobby directly and apologizes for her mistake. She's a true friend and treats everyone with respect.

5. Your Campaign Team Should Be Made Up of Your Good Friends Whom You Love

If anything, this is the most important rule of all! Leslie's dear friends volunteered their time to help her with her campaign. Her friends not only help her out, but they support her through it all! I have heard countless accounts where someone from the inside of the team is leaking information to the press during the presidential race, or that they go through countless team members to finally agree on one person. It's so important to make sure that you surround yourself with people who will lift you up and support you through even your worst ideas (example: when Leslie adopts all of those animals from the pet shelter that is about to go out of business). Your team should be people you can trust and people who believe in you no matter what.

Even if you aren't running in the 2016 Presidential race, these lessons are very important to live by. I feel like we all could learn something from Leslie Knope. So let us go and live life like Leslie. Eat as many waffles as you can, and spend some quality time with good friends.

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