5 Tips For Commuting into NYC

So today I decided to have a nice dinner with my friends from school in the city. Being from New Jersey, this means that taking NJ transit is necessary for this to happen. When using the trains to get into the city, here are 5 tips I thought of for when you need to commute into the city.

1. Download the transit app.

It is a known fact that most people's storage on their phones is used up by unnecessary apps. Therefore, it may seem like a waste of storage to add one more to your phone. Yet, the transit app for whatever line of trains your are traveling on is extremely useful to have. It lets you know at a fast pace when your next trains are, and which tracks they are on. This has saved me a lot of time because there is no time wasted trying to locate exactly where your train is when you get to the station. And in that time you were looking for the train, it could have already left.

2. Bring hand sanitizer.

Theres no sugar coating it. The trains going in and out of the city are disgusting. Chewed gum lay under the seats, and candy bar wrappers lace the cracks in them. To keep you and your family from getting sick from god knows what viruses the person who sat in the seat before you had, it is important to bring hand sanitizer. Just a small dab of hand sanitizer on when you go in and out of the city can make all the difference for your health.

3. Talk to your conductors.

Today I was on an older train coming home from the city. There were no signs in the cars or announcements of what stops the train was at. Due to this, about five people all simultaneously missed their stops. One way to prevent missing your stop if you ever get stuck on an old train is communicating with your conductor. They have to walk up and down the aisles collecting tickets. So while they are, simply asking them what stop you are currently at or how many stops are left until your destination can prevent you from missing your stop.

4. Purchase your train ticket online. 

At many train stations, the ticket booths are small, and confusing. There are also lines of people trying to purchase tickets. Trying to figure out how to work the machines, and waiting can both cause for you to miss your train. One way to prevent this is purchasing your train ticket beforehand online. It only takes a few seconds using the app, and when the conductor comes simply show him the ticket on your phone. This could save you from using the confusing, dirty ticket machines.

5. Get ready for your day on the train. 

There have been many mornings where trains have been missed by me due to the fact that I wanted to finish putting on my makeup before entering the train. Yet what I realized is that the commute into the city from where I live is one hour long. Therefore, instead of sitting on the train for an hour doing nothing, you might as well do your makeup there. This can save you time before you leave, and can prevent you from being late. It is better to be onetime for your event, then late due to the fact you were putting on your makeup.

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