5 Things I Learned At Private School
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5 Things I Learned At Private School

These are the 5 things I learned at private school that I hope others can come to learn, too.

Things I Learned At Private School

Going to a private school isn't a choice that most children make - rather, it's usually determined by their parents and the overall economic situation of the household they're born into. Private schools nevertheless teach students many things that they can't learn elsewhere, and I'm particularly grateful to have had the opportunity to receive a world-class education, even if it's often out of reach for others. 5 specific things that I learned at private school remain with me to this day, and have guided me toward success in life that would otherwise have been unobtainable.

These are the 5 things I learned at private school that I hope others can come to learn, too.

You shouldn't apply to every college in your area

One of the most important things that going to a private high school taught me is that applying to more colleges doesn't actually increase your likelihood of getting into those colleges. Applying to a few colleges ensures that what few applications you do send out are of higher quality than those sent in by most students. If you apply to five or ten colleges instead of fifteen or twenty, you're far more likely to get the acceptance letter you're looking for.

According to Inside Higher Ed, some private schools actually impose limits on the amount of college applications students can send out and see great results from this practice.

It can broaden your perspectives tremendously

Many private schools have a religious aspect to them - catholic private schools are quite popular in the United States, for instance, as are other specifically religious schools. While some parents fear this means their children will only be exposed to one or two faiths or perspectives, I found the exact opposite to occur. When I was going through the private school system of my youth, I received a worldly perspective that introduced me to diverse cultures, different beliefs, and the constant lesson that I should keep an open mind.

The top private schools will always take steps to expose students to different beliefs to sharpen their critical thinking and prepare them for a diverse world.

School uniforms are great

Some people dislike school uniforms, but they're indisputably better for the performance of students. Schools that have uniform requirements have higher graduation rates and fewer expulsions. Most private schools embrace uniforms for good reasons, so try to keep that in mind.

Networking matters

Life is unfair - there's no denying it. Jobs, educational opportunities, and other things are distributed unequally, which means that networking really matters. Private schools taught me the importance of networking, as maintaining close connections with others is the best way to guarantee a successful financial and social future for yourself. In private schools, networking is emphasized for more than in most public institutions.

Private schools have superior sports

Finally, private schools have superior sporting teams and facilities, something I learned first-hand in my time in the private school system. Athletic directors at public schools often point this out when arguing for increased funding for public school sporting initiatives. To put it bluntly, most private schools have better funding opportunities, which translates into more and better facilities, higher quality uniforms, and more coaches. Sports are an important part of growing up, which is why this is worth recalling when considering private schools.

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