5 Stages Of A Hangover

We've all been there, when we wake up and realize that all we've done is made mistakes last night. What was once fun has now turned into the worst day of your life. And it only takes a few moments to come to the realization:

And no matter where you are, what you drank, or how much you drank we all experience the same five stages. None of them are pretty.

1. Waking up.

Whether it's to an alarm or naturally, waking up is the hardest one on the list. This is when the hangover really hits you, like a surprise birthday party that you never wanted. At first you think you're golden but then you realize that your entire day is going to be a struggle.

2. Fatigue.

It feels like you just got done with the hardest workout routine, or like you've been awake for four days straight. Just moving to the edge of the bed feels like climbing Mount Everest. Writing your name on the attendance sheet should earn you a gold medal. And your body will feel that way all day.

3. Headache.

The slightest noise, smallest bit of light, or that one kid in class who yells instead of talking at a normal level. All you want to do is cover your ears, take some advil, and pray that the world will be quiet and peaceful for you that day. Of course, it won't be.

4. Nausea.

Someone might mention a greasy cheeseburger, their favorite alcoholic beverage, or you might have to go to a microbiology course where your teacher just wants to talk about all these disgusting diseases that make your stomach churn even more. And there's no way to make the nausea go away. It's here to stay.

5. Death.

Yep, it's all over. All of these hit you so hard and so fast that all you can do is lay down and die. It might be the end of the day, it might be the middle. Either way, it's game over.

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