5 relatable things from the PNW

The PNW is forever in our hearts and souls, from the people to the sights it's all amazing. I've been a PNW native for my entire life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've been spoiled by this amazing place.

You know the types of rain.

There are so many different types of rain, at least for people from the PNW, and all of them are wet but none of them are the same. We've got full-on Pouring, Rain, Showers, Sprinkles Drizzles, Mist and about a million others. The one beautiful part of living here in the PNW is the debate as to how much "wet" goes under which label. There is no one solid answer, but we will argue for years based on personal preference.

"To umbrella or not to umbrella" -not Shakespeare 

Shakespeare once said (he didn't) "to umbrella or not to umbrella that is the question" as a lifelong resident of the great PNW the answer is no umbrella because we are not weak. If you are walking around carrying an umbrella that is a surefire way to be labeled as a tourist.

Starbucks Mobile App.

What's paper money? Debit card who? All Pacific Northwesterners make sure to rack up the stars each and every time they go to Starbucks or else it's not really worth it. Gotta get those free drinks, and now with the "get 600 stars and you can buy a cool cup" deal, the stars are worth just as much as gold.

Waterproofing new shoes.

One of the best things in the world is a new pair of shoes, and one of the worst things about the PNW is the rain. The two don't combine well, but thanks to the invention of weatherproofing spray all the shoes in the PNW are safe from the big bad rain.

You don't understand why "outsiders" would want to  visit your hometown.

Even though your hometown is AMAZING you notice that in the summertime there are more and more people gazing, and ogling at some of the amazing sights your amazing sights. We PNW people are more than happy to share, but please go the speed limit as some of us have to make it on time to work.

Home is where the heart is, also the rain, evergreen trees, mountains and Starbucks. No matter who you are, if you've lived here, visited, or dream of the PNW these five things ought to ring a bell.

Also, if you have never been to the wonderful PNW (I highly recommend it) we would be more than happy to see "outsiders" just don't litter in our state parks, don't feed the wildlife, and don't scare the natives (we don't like confrontation).

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