5 Reasons You Should Take Every Opportunity You Can
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5 Reasons You Should Take Every Opportunity You Can

Popping up in various forms, and in all sorts of channels, opportunities come with a great benefit.

5 Reasons You Should Take Every Opportunity You Can
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With a hectic fall ahead, I have decided to step down from being a content creator for the Odyssey. That being said, I end my time at Odyssey after 12 weeks in which I met a lot of new people, took a critical view of the world, and used my voice to bring light to what I found important.

For my last article I thought it only fitting to talk about opportunities. After all, my time at the Odyssey has been a very rewarding opportunity. One that was offered up for me to accept or reject. Yet, passing on the chance to create content at the Odyssey would have been a huge mistake. For me, opportunities come in a timely fashion. For the most part, they come at a time where growth is essential. Popping up in various forms, and in all sorts of channels, opportunities come with a great benefit. So, without explanation, here are the five reasons you should take every opportunity you can.

1. Getting Out Of Your Comfort-Zone

Sometimes we are offered a job, class, or the ability to attend an event that at first makes us uneasy. The offer although enticing comes with a new setting, that we may not be comfortable in. For most of us, we tend to gravitate towards rejecting the offer because in order to accept we have to get out of our comfort zone. Leaving behind security, we risk setbacks or challenges.

Although it is true that there will be challenges, not taking an opportunity because it doesn't provide the comfort you are used to is not a good reason. In doing so, you are stunting your growth and boxing in your potential. See there is only so much we can do inside our circle of comfort. A restrictive bubble, sometimes we have to break out of it to move forward, and get the job we want, meet the friends we like, or become the person we are meant to be.

2. Meeting New People

As I stated in my intro, I have met many people through the Odyssey. Although not in person, I have spoken to them through group chat, read their articles, and dove deep into their minds. Through taking on the internship I have learned the different writing styles of my peers. And in doing so, I have gotten to see the world in a different light.

3. Networking

Going hand in hand with meeting new people, networking involves making connections to people with similar interests and career aspirations. It is meeting people that can help you get to where you want to be, while you can help them reach their goals.

With every opportunity, there is the ability to network. When you take on a new task and meet new people, you will get to expand your web of connections, and set yourself up for a better chance at another opportunity in the future.

4. Building Your Resume

With every opportunity comes the chance of learning new skills, rounding out edges, and increasing your job prospectives. For most jobs, having experience is a must. So, when the opportunity to get experience comes knocking, answer. That way when you apply for your next job, you will have another talking point as you mention to the interviewer how your internship allowed you to grow and made you a more valuable asset to their company.

5. Because You Can

Yes, I just said that a reason you should take every opportunity that you can, is because you can. See, there are other people out there that are not able to do what you are able to. There are those waiting for an opportunity much like yours. The only difference between them and you is that they are not in the position you are. They may not know about the opportunity, or are unable to take it do to circumstantial situations. But, like I said before, you can. A reason that although obvious, speaks with great volume.

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