Sometimes the easiest thing to do when we are sad about something is to put ourselves down even more. We all have those insecurities, those things that we feel could be so much better, and we all take a stab at them sometimes. It’s almost as if you poke at it just to make sure it’s still there. Spoiler alert: it is. I know it’s easier to find the bad in ourselves but why not focus more on the things that we love about ourselves?

1. Your Impeccable Sense Of Style

There’s nothing like being able to show off the outfit that you carefully put together. You even took the time to make sure the nail polish matched.

2. The Advice You Give That's Always Being Praised By Your Friends

Nothing feels better than knowing that what you say to your friends actually makes a difference in their lives.

3. Your Awesome Sense Humor

Sure, you may laugh for an unnecessary amount of time after a joke has been told, but that’s what makes it so great. If you don’t have laughter, then you honestly just have nothing.

4. The Way You Love Your Hobby So Much

Whether its painting, singing, dancing, reading, writing or whatever you choose to do, knowing that you willingly put so much time into mastering a skill is something that should always make you feel an immense sense of pride.

5. Your Close Attention To Detail

For my people out there who notice when a store changes their layout or that a friend chose to wear their part in their hair differently that day, cheers to you. I always think something like that can come in handy so often in life and I love knowing that I can use that to my advantage whenever I see fit.