5 Reasons To Convince Yourself To Have Houseplants In Your Life
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5 Reasons To Convince Yourself To Have Houseplants In Your Life

Because it's totally OK to fill the void in your heart with aesthetically pleasing houseplants.

5 Reasons To Convince Yourself To Have Houseplants In Your Life
Alyse Campbell

Lately, there have been many things on my mind when it comes to holiday gifts, but there is something that is always on the top of my list: houseplants. You may call me an avid plant collector, or as I like to say, fierce plant mama; but it’s no surprise that millennials like myself are looking towards the jungle for many of the important benefits that I’ve listed below.

1. They're good for your health

Many popular types of houseplants are great at removing toxins from the air - in fact, it’s something that’s been tested by NASA. They clean the air that you breathe, while also being great at purifying it from harsh chemicals and pollutants.

Not only that, but they are great for cleaning every room in your house. You can rest easy knowing that they are doing their job 24/7 with just a little love and care.

2. Plants bring you closer to nature

If you live in a large city, getting out into the countryside might be quite a trek. In places where green spaces are sparse, finding a spot that’s a nature lover’s paradise can be difficult. But why not turn your apartment into a mini jungle and bring the forest to you?

3. They prove that you can take care of something

Maybe you just realized that you're an adult now and you’re wondering how you could possibly take care of another human being or animal in your life when you sometimes forget to take care of yourself.

Plants are a nice stepping stone for those who want to keep something alive with low stakes. I like to call them my plant babies because they are small living beings who are dependent on me for taking care of them. With some sunlight, water, and even music, your plant friends will thrive.

4. You can eat them

Houseplants don't have to only to be decorative; you can grow your own herbs and vegetables as well! For those who love to get their hands in the dirt, growing your own plants can be very rewarding.

Picking your herbs from your own indoor garden also is a great way to spice up your culinary craft and ensure that you always have the freshest food at your table. Today, there are so many indoor farming options: vertical gardens, mason jar herb gardens, window farms and more. So get some dirt and start growing!

5. They bring life to a space

Houseplants can bring a living dimension to any space. They can make blank walls or a drafty living room feel like a breath of fresh air. My roommates and I have transformed a table in our living room into a small garden, which adds a bold pop of color to the space. Even if it’s just because they’re aesthetically pleasing with cute pots, you can always liven up a space with a plant or two.

To all of the proud plant parents out there, I hope that your plants will appreciate this extra love! Whether you are starting with one succulent or you have a whole garden on your balcony, every plant can bring something special to your life.

Happy planting!

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