5 Reasons Why Sundays Are The Best Day
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5 Reasons Why Sundays Are The Best Day

"Sunday Clears Away The Rust Of The Whole Week"

5 Reasons Why Sundays Are The Best Day
"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week."

Sundays - the day of the week where people among us devote to winding down.

The day where families join in religion, where friends make time for one another after a busy week, where students wind down, and where individuals nap away the stress of the prior week. Overall - Sundays are for friends, naps, good food, and relaxation.

Sundays are my most treasured day of the week, and here's why ~~

1. Sleep

Sundays often mean minimal scheduling. Minimal scheduling often means that there's no rush. No rush means sleep. Sleep in on Sundays. Sleep in until noon, and catch up on all the sleep you missed out on within the prior week. Or, don't sleep in. Wake up before the sun rises, go to church, crack the windows, drink a cup of coffee, and feel the dewy morning breeze. The point is ~ Sundays mean no rush, and no obligations, so do whatever you want with your sleep.

2. Church

Whether you're religious or not, go to church or not, believe or not; most often - Sundays are for celebrating religions. Church is often a place where you can sit and think. It is a serene, quiet, yet joyous place, in which others gather to listen to sermons and readings. Voluntarily, goers are often given the opportunity to get lost in their own thoughts and prayers in church, and become selfless with the Lord.

3. Food

There's something about how food tastes on Sunday's. Sunday Brunch - AKA the best meal to be eaten throughout the entirety of the week. Sunday Brunch - means waking up late, and sitting around a table eating a plate full of pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc., with your family. A dog under the table eager for the bacon on your plate, and a mother at the head of the table asking about what your upcoming week looks like - both important components of the joyous Sunday Brunch. All in all, Sunday itself simply makes food tastier.

4. Family

Whether it's catching a late lunch at a low-quality diner with your mother, walking your dog in the nice weather with your brother, or casually watching television with your family - Sundays are important family days. Sundays make it possible to spend some time with your special people. Hanging in one day of the week, every week, will not ruin your life - it will only help you to appreciate it.

5. "Natural-ness"

No makeup, messy hair, lounging in sweatpants - literally natural - is what Sundays are about. Cuddle your puppy, allow your skin to breathe, replace your contacts with your beloved glasses, read a romantic novel, etc., take the day to catch up on all the things that you don't normally have time to do. Sundays allow you to lay back, and relax.

So, enjoy your Sunday Funday. Take the day off, and don't worry about school or work. Make the day about spending time with your family, or focusing on yourself - you will appreciate yourself in the long run.

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