5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "Tuca & Bertie"
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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 'Tuca & Bertie'

Released to Netflix on May 3rd, "Tuca & Bertie" is THE NEXT BIG THING.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 'Tuca & Bertie'


Need to watch something on Netflix?

Then check out the most appealing new show of 2019, an adult animated comedy about female birds struggling to make it as adults, "Tuca & Bertie."

Laugh and cry at the wacky but relatable adventures in a story of friendship, determination, and overcoming your past!

Need any more convincing? Look at these five reasons why you should watch this brand new gem.

1. From the mind of Lisa Hanawalt


For those who don't know who Lisa Hanawalt is, she's the production designer and producer of what I think is one of the greatest TV series of all-time, "BoJack Horseman."

My love for BoJack can be further explored in one of my old articles.

Hanawalt's longtime friendship with "BoJack" creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg helped get the show off the ground and onto Netflix. With Hanawalt's colorful and unique art and Bob-Waksberg incredible, remarkable, generational display of character development and dialogue, "BoJack Horseman" will go down as one for the ages.

And now, it's Hanawalt's turn to create her own show with "Tuca & Bertie."

While it obviously has a similar visual style to "BoJack", "Tuca & Bertie" easily stands as it's own thing, but also is a perfect companion piece to Bob-Waksberg's masterpiece.

Hanawalt also has a great graphic novel called "Coyote Doggirl" and incredible artwork on her Instagram @LisaDraws.

And she actually rides her horses and lives with a guy named Adam who like has a show or something.

Want more Lisa Hanawalt works of art? Check out her website!


2. A cartoon by women, for women!


As you might have just read, "Tuca & Bertie" was created by a woman, and therefore made for women!

Despite being a world where most of the characters are birds this show explores the daily highs and lows of being a female millennial.

But don't worry guys, you can always relate to Bertie's architect boyfriend Speckle!

3. A great voice cast


Tiffany Haddish is one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood today, so you know it's a big deal when she's taking her time to voice an animated character for a Netflix show. After watching the full season, it's clear that Haddish was born to voice the vibrant free spirit that is Tuca.

Voicing the lead bird in Bertie is underrated comedian Ali Wong who has two Netflix specials of her own! Wong splendidly holds her own as the more down-to-earth girl in contrast to the wild Tuca. And voicing Bertie's boyfriend and architect Speckles is "Walking Dead" legend Steven Yeun!

4. Hidden jokes!


Like "BoJack," one of the great things about "Tuca & Bertie" are the gems hidden in the background you'll have to pause or rewind to see.

5. Puns! Puns! Puns!


Don't like animated comedies disguised as a complex dive into millennial gender roles? Not to worry because, like "BoJack," "Tuca & Bertie" have puns!

Lots and lots of bird puns!

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