5 Reasons to LOVE Funko Pops!

Funko Pops!

For those of you who aren't yet aware of these adorable little figures, do you live under a rock?!

The vinyl toy company Funko, has created a line of figures called Pop! Figures, which are basically these little over animated versions of your favorite characters from everything from movies to music to tv shows!

Heres 5 reasons to love them, and to get on board!

1. There's a character for EVERYBODY.

I collect pops from multiple platforms... Like Disney, and movies and TV. They even make my favorite musical artists!

2. They bring people together.

Now this I suppose goes for all collectables alike. But I've found friends across the country, and even across the globe while collecting. We find and trade figures that are rare to our areas of the world.

3. They won't cost you your arm and your leg.

Funko Pop! figures cost roughly from 8-20 dollars at the very maximum when paying retail price... Now, they do get pricer when you collect rare figures and buy them off places like ebay! But thats to be expected! (or when you buy a ton at once!!!)

4. The Hunt!

My favorite part about collecting Pop! figures is the hunt. I love searching every store high and low for them. Digging through shelves for a perfect box, and collecting from everywhere. Tons of stores including but not limited to Walgreens, Hot Topic, Barnes & Nobel, and Walmart carry exclusive figures that you can ONLY get from them!

5. They're SO DAMN CUTE.

YUP. they're pretty cool. Look at those cute big eyes!!!!!

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