It is almost Valentine's Day, so all of the couples spend this time of the year going out on dates and celebrating their relationships. It is historically the time when you are supposed to buy your significant other flowers and chocolate. Everyone will be posting on social media about their significant other and about the date they had on Valentine's Day. It is great; I love seeing all of the posts. Being single, I obviously do not relate to this craze about Valentine's Day. Even so, I have the best Valentine ever. My Valentine is better than any other Valentine. This year, my Valentine is my most loving cat. She is the best Valentine ever, and there are a few reasons why.

1. She lets Me Know How She Feels

I never have to question how my cat feels about me because she never fails to make it known. By the way, she loves me! She never fails to show her affections to me and to let me know that she loves me. If you need a pick me up, my cat is really good at this.

2. She Gives Me Kisses on my Forehead

I mean, who needs the love of a man when my cat is so affectionate herself? She never fails to let me know that she loves me, and when my forehead needs to be cleaned. She is always there for me and is always willing to give me kisses when I want my cat's love.

3. She Can Never Do Me Wrong

A cat cannot wrong you like a guy can, so my cat is such a good Valentine! She is always there for me and can never break my heart like a guy can. In fact, she is always there when you are sad and upset, and she will make you feel better.

4. She Is Always Waiting on me to Come Home

Every time I come home from school or somewhere else, she is always in the driveway waiting for me. When I get home, she always runs to the door because she is so excited to see me.

5. She Loves Me

Nobody loves me more than my cat. She gives me unconditional love, which makes her the best Valentine there is! She will always make me happy. Cats are so loving and loyal, and they make for great Valentine's. There is nothing better than cuddling with your cat and binge watching netflix.