1) Food

I love the food from here! There is a pizzeria nearby that has THE BEST pizza ever! There is also a Bubble Tea shop that is a must-go-to! I love being home because I don't have these things near my school.

2) Location

It is so nice to be so close to the New York City! When I am down there, me and my friends MUST go into Manhattan. This time, we are heading to Black Tap for some milkshakes, and I can't wait! I have missed the city so much!

3) Friends

(More like my second family!)

I am so grateful that I get to come home from being away for so long and they still treat me the same. I am so glad that I am loved by the most amazing people ever. They mean so much to me and I am so glad I have them by my side.

4) Family

My family usually comes to visit me more often at school which is wonderful, but when I'm home, I get to see all of my family. I love being able to catch up with them. My nanny makes the best Fettuccine Alfredo and she is making that on Saturday. I also get to see all my cousins who make me so happy.

5) Jackson

MY DOG! I know this sounds silly, but being around my dog just makes me feel complete! I love how happy he gets when he sees me. He is the sweetest dog ever and I've missed him so much. He is nine years old and he is getting old causing most of his face is starting to turn white. But, he is the still the cutest dog. I always hate going back to school because he always has this look on his face like, "Where are my humans going?" and then when my family comes back home he is so confused because he doesn't see me.